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Revels 2017 in pictures: Day 41 min read

March 12, 2017 2 min read


Revels 2017 in pictures: Day 41 min read

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Day 4 of Revels 2017 saw an intense flurry of activity as the fest drew to a close. The final day witnessed a variety of artistic events, such as Nukkad Natak, Paradigm Shift, and Kalakriti. The night ended on a musical note at ProShow, held at KMC Greens, featuring Benny Dayal and Anish Sood.

The Manipal Journal spins for you the day’s story, in pictures.


A Nrityanjali participant performing ‘Jatiswaram Kuchipudi’ , a dance form expressing the ideas and impressions evoked by musical sounds. || Picture courtesy: Niharika Nambiar


A Slam poetry participant reciting his poem ‘Afraid of Heights’ and talking of how he dispelled his fear of heights by sky diving || Picture courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee


An artist working on his 3D ‘dream land’ model at Kalakriti. With a time limit of one hour, the participants raced to complete their models || Picture Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee.


A student using a variety of materials to create a model during the installation competition, Kalakriti || Picture Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee.


Nukkad Natak saw groups of actors showcasing their skills in front of the Innovation Centre at MIT. Called ‘Touchwood’, this team’s street play attempted to bring attention to some superstitions that are followed in today’s society || Picture courtesy: Niharika Nambiar


With additions in content from Niharika Nambiar.

Featured image courtesy: Niharika Nambiar