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Manipal hosts bike rally promoting road safety practices2 min read

March 18, 2017 2 min read

Manipal hosts bike rally promoting road safety practices2 min read

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Final year students of School of Communication (SOC) conducted a bike rally on 16 March here as a part of ‘The Safety Over Shoulders (SOS) Project’.

The initiative aimed to promote biking safety and to spread awareness regarding the importance of using helmets while riding. The rally saw student riders take to the roads as drivers and pillions, on their bikes and scooters, geared with helmets. The riders started the rally from SOC, traveled all the way up to End Point, and made their way back to the starting line.

Riders preparing themselves for the start of the rally at SOC || Photo coutesy: Delvin David.


Bike riders take the lead at the rally in a single file followed by the people riding scooters. || Photo Courtesy: Delvin David


The CEO of Kamath Motors and Manipal KTM, Mr. Vignesh Kamath, headed the rally. He said,“Even mobile phones have covers. When half your life is within your head, you still neglect it by not wearing a helmet. The rider himself is a major part of the transport and his helmet is as important as his key”.


A pillion riders poses with a poster. || Photo courtesy: Srijan Someshwar


When asked about the reason behind choosing a safety awareness campaign, Nisha Narayanan, a 3rd year student of SOC said, “ There have been lots of accidents happening recently, and most of them occur because people ignore the need for a helmet for many reasons. We’re trying to change this thinking amongst people.”


The members of the rally zip along the streets of Manipal. || Photo courtesy: Srijan Someshwar


This bike rally happens to be the second of it’s kind this year, the first being executed by Riders of the United Club, Security Department of Manipal, students and Udupi police representatives to mark the road safety awareness drive launched by Manipal University in the town.


Featured Image courtesy: Srijan Someshwar.