Food fest explores Island cuisines2 min read

March 20, 2017 2 min read

Food fest explores Island cuisines2 min read

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A two-day food festival themed ‘Wrecked on a reef’ was organised by Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) on 17 and 18 March at Chaya Hall, Fortune Inn Valley View. The food fest served a varied cuisine which brought about an opportunity to experience the cuisines of islands across the globe.

The menu included Cuban fish cakes, Fibo gnocchi and pork chops among other delicacies. The theme was different from the previous fests organised by WGSHA. This fest served a wide ranging platter of food consisting of key ingredients from various cuisines with a slight twist by the students at WGSHA.


One of the dishes served. || Photo courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee.


“A fest of this sort with a unique theme requires at least two months of prior preparation and planning which includes management as well as scouring for ingredients which are not locally available. A lot of experimentation and food trials are conducted into deciding what dish gets served during the 2 day event and the time required to prepare each dish from scratch,” said Het Shah, Head planner of the event.

Among the dishes up for takes was the Pavlova, a dessert tamarind crème pate, caramelized bananas, blue curacao glaze, strawberry compote and kiwi ice cream churned and freshly prepared by the students.

Behind every plating and meal were the faculty chefs and students in the kitchen, working like cogs in a machine. The atmosphere in the kitchen was more like a rush and burst of energy with everyone assigned a station and working unilaterally to present food art on the plate.


Preparing the platter. || Photo Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee.


“You deal with people, leadership and reflection of how you treat yourself in the kitchen but the euphoria of pulling off a successful event with less or no crisis is unlike any other feeling. As the head of the kitchen, perfection is what I strive for in minute details”, said Avinash Vishal, head of the kitchen.

“Each person opts for the station they want to work for, because that’s where their passion is, hence as expected everyone works diligently. It’s a learning experience for the students and is a joy for us faculty to be working alongside the students to pull off such an event every year.” said Paritosh Dabral, assistant professor and faculty in charge of the fest.

Featured Image Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee