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Looking Back: Tarang 20171 min read

April 6, 2017 2 min read


Looking Back: Tarang 20171 min read

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Last Sunday saw the End Point football field grounds swarmed by a horde of kite-flying enthusiasts for this year’s edition of Tarang. Organized by VSO-MU (Volunteer Services Organisation – Manipal University), Tarang 2017 is a kite flying festival, open to people of all age groups. The event was organized to spread awareness about autism on the occasion of World Autism Day and was also part of MIT’s Diamond Jubilee commemorations.

Various colourful installations of kites were set up around the venue. || Picture courtesy: Mahalakshmi R


Diverse groups of people, ranging from children to college students to old-timers, could be found flying their kites. || Picture courtesy: Mahalakshmi R


Children from Sri Krishna Balaniketan observe the on-goings. || Picture Courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee


Aside from stalls set up for games or by organizations, there were those stalls set up simply for people to entertain themselves. || Picture courtesy: Radhika Chatterjee