SNG comedy tickles the funny bone at Invictus’173 min read

April 30, 2017 2 min read

SNG comedy tickles the funny bone at Invictus’173 min read

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Comedians Aadar Malik, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava from the Schitzengiggles Comedy (SNG Comedy) took center stage here on the penultimate day of the first edition of KMC’s cultural fest ‘Invictus’.

In an attempt to have a singular and bigger fest, Kasturba Medical College merged ‘MIST’, the sporting fest and ‘VIBES’, the cultural & literary fest to come up with ‘INVICTUS’ this year, making it the institution’s first ever inter-collegiate fest. The first five days of the fest saw various sporting, musical and dance events take place, after which the limelight shifted to the ‘Proshow’.

After an initial delay, the event started with MIT’s Shubhang Yadav opening the show with a part from his own set ‘Don’t mean to be mean’. SNG’s Neville Shah, the first of the three main performers took to dark humor, touching upon his personal life incidents involving death and doctors. He also cracked impromptu jokes out of his conversations with the audience and followed it up with a mockery of school games, theists, and atheists.

Kautuk, who recently delivered a Ted Talk on storytelling in Pune, played with wit and words as he made fun of his ‘socially awkward’ personality and its repercussions in various situations such as parties and relationships. He engaged the audience with his stories on real life instances surrounding Tinder, pornography, and traveling.

Aadar Malik, who is a theater artist and a musician as well, trod on a different stream of comedy altogether. Bringing his guitar skills into play, he poked at the existing stereotypes of Muslims and the LGBTQ+ community. He also made a mockery of special occasions in India such as weddings and Garba and followed it up with musical parodies on his pet goat and the rap style of music.

The 90-minute show ended with the comics interacting with the students, answering questions on difficulties involved in coming up with scripts, the importance of content and the perks of the profession itself.  Answering a question on the freedom the platform provides to discuss social issues, the artists said, “Discussing social issues is the point of stand up or any other form of art. We try to do social issues and we get away with as much as we can. It’s like you want to say a lot of things but FIRs are very expensive”.

“Also, in India freedom of expression is not absolute. In America, it is absolute and so you can say whatever you want. Here, you can convert it into slander or anything and swing it around,” stated Neville. Aadar added to this saying that comedians haven’t been able to influence the vote bank and cited comedians like John Oliver in the US, whose gigs against Donald Trump didn’t pay off.

Kartikeya Atrey, Vice President of the KMC student council stated that show saw a turnout of 500 students, and the end semester exams of the other institutions affected the participation in open events. “It affected the proshow sales a bit too, but a lot of crowd did make it to the venue. The first edition has been some real task. We were actually scared of how much the idea of Invictus will be welcomed, and to our favor, it has been accepted well and good,” he remarked.

The seven-day fest will culminate today at KMC greens with events such as street play and fashion show.

Feature Image courtesy: Niharika Nayak

Edited by: Soumyajit Saha