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Art and History exhibition by CCCS1 min read

July 25, 2017 2 min read


Art and History exhibition by CCCS1 min read

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MANIPAL: The Centre for Creative and Cultural Studies (CCCS) organized a two-day National Seminar and Art Exhibition, funded by Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), on ‘Indian Art and Art History,’ at the KMC Interact hall on July 22-23. The seminar included presentations explaining the Yakshagana dance form and the folk art of the Karavali region.

The displayed paintings and sculptures were the works of elderly artists from around this region. “Each work has its own identity and the concept of the identity becomes stronger when you communicate the same concept with identical groups,” said the chief guest, Prof. Viveka Rai, former Pro Vice-Chancellor of Hampi Kannada University, while speaking of art forms and their ability to express ideas beyond boundaries. 


Art enthusiasts appreciating the work at the exhibition || Photograph Courtesy: Aayushmaan Sharma


Pictures showcasing Kambala race (left) and Yakshagana classical folk art (right). Yakshagana is a dance form which is usually performed from dusk to dawn. Kambala, a bull race is conducted in alluvial fields, especially flooded after the harvesting season || Photograph Courtesy: Aayushmaan Sharma


The wooden sculptures displayed are a 23-year-old Bullock cart (left) and a 21-year-old Durga sculpture (right) || Photograph Courtesy: Aayushmaan Sharma


A visitor capturing the handmade art forms || Photograph Courtesy: Aayushmaan Sharma 


Featured Photograph Courtesy: Aayushmaan Sharma


Edited by Shreya Mariam Job