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“It’s just a joke, guys” : Kunal Kamra in Manipal2 min read

August 19, 2017 2 min read


“It’s just a joke, guys” : Kunal Kamra in Manipal2 min read

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Almost exactly a year ago, Asim Athar, a former Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) student and currently a student of Management Studies student at Shiv Nadar University (SNU) and Amitoj Singh, a third-year civil engineering student from MIT, started DL 101 with the idea of making Manipal dance. After two successful ‘Punjabi Nights’ at Hakuna Matata restaurant, the club in association with Punchliners hosted a live stand-up comedy show featuring Kunal Kamra on August 18 at Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal.

Shubhang Yadav, a second-year Computer and Communication Engineering student from MIT, and Harman Preet Singh, a comedian from Bangalore, opened the show for Kamra, whose performance engaged the house completely. Tackling serious social issues such as Islamophobia and the caste system, his pun-filled jokes received strong, loud reactions from the audience.

In a short interview with The Manipal Journal, Kunal Kamra shared his thoughts on comedy, politics, and Manipal.

What do you think are the differences between a comedian’s journey in India and abroad?

We are from a country which is very different. Have you ever heard of someone outside India who has an FIR on him because of comedy? We take things personally. So, the journey here is very different because we have to keep a lot of things in mind, and be wary of ‘who would consume what’

Can you share how peoples’ reactions and you getting death threats because of your YouTube video ‘Patriotism and Governance’ will change your upcoming performances and their content?

I will never put up anything about politics on the internet again. With each opinion that you put online, you lose some money. It’s a very direct connection. With every internet opinion, there is something taken away from you and given to a less qualified person, the one who has no opinion. So, I have made a decision. If you want to make a career out of comedy and keep rebelling, you have to create a sustainable model. If these are the problems you are constantly dealing with, then you will be unable to create fresh content because then you won’t be able to ‘experiment’. So, I will remain rebellious, but not much on the internet.

Did you enjoy performing in Manipal?

It was a very good crowd. They were excited to see stand up. I think you should have it again! I will try to send some friends from Bombay.

What are your plans for the future?

I really don’t know. I will just see how things go. If things work out well, I will continue this. But you just can never know what will happen

Edited by Sruti Srinivasan

Featured Image Courtesy: Tamanna Wadehra