Child’s Play: Toy “make-a-thon” at Innovation Center1 min read

September 11, 2017 2 min read


Child’s Play: Toy “make-a-thon” at Innovation Center1 min read

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The Faculty of Architecture, in collaboration with the Innovation Centre, Manipal University organised an inter-disciplinary toy-making competition, called the “Toy Make-a-thon”, at Hampi Hall on September 8-10. The participants were asked to make toys out of the specific materials given to them without using any technological or electronic equipment.

The event was the brainchild of Arun Shanbhag, Chief Innovation Officer of Manipal University. Along with students exploring their creativity, the contest also aimed to connect the students to nostalgia and challenge the conventionalist way of doing things.

The event saw students from different disciplines across Manipal University team-up and innovate. || Photo courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi


The contest aimed to induce a nostalgic feeling among students, along with exploring their creativity and imagination. || Picture courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi


Arun Shanbhag, Chief Innovation Officer of MU addressed the crowd on how the event was a perfect platform for students to express their innovation and creative skills. || Picture courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi


“I liked the concept as it actually made us think a lot about something that was least expected, that is toys. Here in FOA, we constantly work on designing buildings and houses. This program has increased our ability to think outside the box,” said Bindu Bargavi Tadi, a third-year FOA student. || Picture courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi


The three-day event concluded with an exhibition, where the toys made by participating teams were put on display followed by a felicitation ceremony, where winning teams were awarded cash prizes to help them work further on their toys. || Picture courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi

Featured image courtesy Sasha Dwivedi

Edited by Shriya Ramakrishnan.