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A certain amalgamation: Manipal University’s first official lit-fest begins2 min read

September 16, 2017 2 min read

A certain amalgamation: Manipal University’s first official lit-fest begins2 min read

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The inauguration ceremony of the Manipal International Literary and Arts Platform (MILAP) took place on September 15, at 10 am at the Gangubai Hanagal Auditorium at Manipal Centre of Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH). MILAP is a three-day literary fest to be held between September 15 – 17, across the Manipal University campus.

Vaidehi, acclaimed Kannada writer, Professor Chandrashekhara Kambara, prominent poet, playwright, folklorist and film director and K Satchidanandan, Malayalam poet and translator lit the lamp. Dr Neeta Inamdar, the convener of MILAP, delivered the welcome address and described what the organisers wished to accomplish with the fest: to create a completely non-commercial literary event that acts as a platform where students can express themselves and learn in the process.

“The time before Navaratri when we invite goddess Saraswati into our homes is when we should conduct MILAP,” said Dr Vinod Bhat, the Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, elaborating upon the formation of MILAP and how it is to be an annual cycle of programmes. He also stated that the following year will bring many more events, specifically for music, art, film and literature separately.

Vaidehi said she was deeply saddened by the sudden and violent loss of renowned senior journalist Gauri Lankesh and requested the audience to observe a moment of silence in her memory. She further added that living a rich life is different from richly living and that we should celebrate the moments we have and learn to appreciate art.

The audience observes a moment of silence for Gauri Lankesh. || Picture courtesy: Sasha Dwivedi.

Dr Inamdar also unveiled five books that had been translated into other languages from Kannada. All the books were printed at the Manipal University Press and were available for sale at the pavilion. The chief guest, Chandrashekhara Kambara ended the event by making a speech in Kannada, which was later translated into English by Dr Madhava Chippali, an agriculturist. Dr Chippali said, “MILAP is yet another reason to come back to MCPH where I did my PhD, and the translation workshop makes me even happier to be here.”

When asked about what he expects to see over the next three days, K Satchidanandan remarked that MILAP was unlike other literary fests that he had been to before. “This one different because it is educational and more focused – students can learn languages and gain knowledge from the writers themselves. They experience linguistic expansion through the art of translation.”

The Manipal Journal is the official media partner for MILAP, Manipal’s first literary and art platform, to be conducted on 15, 16 and 17 September 2017.

Edited by Sruti Srinivasan.

Featured image by Sasha Dwivedi.