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Qissa: Everybody loves a good story2 min read

October 7, 2017 3 min read


Qissa: Everybody loves a good story2 min read

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Manipal: On a rainy October evening, five unique storytellers took the stage to tell their tales to a bunch of interested listeners from various parts of Manipal. Qissa, a storytelling venture’s first installment saw the storytellers Siddhant Kala, Hrishabh Kanti, Mr. Thomas, Angad Gummaraju and Nadeem Ahmed engage the crowd of over 80 listeners with their various tales on love, travel, mythology, gender and poetry.

Siddhant Kala, a native of Dehradun who goes by the moniker Pahadi Pandit spoke about the trials and tribulations of love, his love for math and poetry and sitting by the lake in his beautiful hometown. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

Hrishabh Kanti- Began his talk by speaking about how much he appreciates Mythology. Tells the audience a fascinating and not commonly known tale his father recited to him about how Ram had actually met Ravana before the entire Ramayana actually occurred. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

With a passion for photography and painting, Mr Thomas, a man from Trichur, Kerala spoke about being a complete misfit in his younger days and how he had a lot of stories in his Pandora’s box but didn’t have enough time to entertain the crowd with them. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

Angad Gummaraju, a second year medical student who identifies as a different gender than the one he was assigned at birth, spoke about the various issues faced by trans folk in this country. From being picked on, called names and harassed to being physically harmed and growing a thick skin, Angad spoke about finding love in a scalpel and creating masterpieces through art as well as beating death every single day. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

The talented artist who wields a scalpel and paints with the same adept hands. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

A current student of Geopolitics Nadeem Ahmed spoke about the time he was reading a book called, ‘The mystical poems of Rumi’ against a backdrop of an orange sky, golden sun and a rainy Manipal day. He spoke about the routine of first year and listening to Ghazals, which were his escape from the routine and monotony. His story came to an end with a dramatic twist concluding the events of the night. || Photograph courtesy: Niharika Nayak.

Featured image courtesy: Niharika Nayak

Edited by: Soumyajit Saha