Looking back: Online booking app for KMC launched2 min read

October 27, 2017 2 min read


Looking back: Online booking app for KMC launched2 min read

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Adding to the list of projects done by students of the university, an application named ‘Elixir’ which has automated the appointment booking system at Kasturba Hospital was launched recently. The ‘by students, for students’ app was officially launched on October 24 in the EDU building.

The app allows users to book hospital appointments in advance, according to their convenience. Along with this, it holds a record of the history of the patient, with information about departments and doctors previously consulted. The app also shows general information about all the departments in the hospital, making it easier for the patient to identify and categorise their ailments in order to book their appointments.

Through the app, users will have to book their time slots an hour prior to their preferred timings for their visit to the hospital. The hospital will then respond to the appointment requests within half an hour, either through push notifications or a text message. The app is universal, as one can use the domain name ( and gain access on all devices. First time registrations, however, have to be done in the hospital, and only after getting their unique number can a person use the app for further appointments.

The primary aim of this project was to save students’ time wasted in the hospital, waiting for their files. In order to solve the problem, Kasturba Medical College (KMC) presented the project to Saurish Reddy, seventh semester, KMC and Ankit Awal, a recent Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate, who with the guidance of their faculty introduced ‘Elixir’.

The app is currently for MU students in Manipal and the healthcare insured faculty but the developers soon plan to make it multi-lingual and expand the reach to general public too. Dr H Vinod Bhat, Vice Chancellor, Manipal University (MU) remarked, “These are baby steps in the real world of enterprise,” and said that he looks forward to more such innovative projects from the students.

Comparing the Prime Minister’s ideas with their own, the developers said, “Narendra Modi used to say ‘the same daftar (office), the same records, the same offices. We can make it better.’ We took up the same thing as the motto. We didn’t invest in infrastructure, we didn’t make new data servers, we just used whatever was available for the best possible quality at a convenient price.”

The developers mentioned that they were open to suggestions and feedback, and expect their one year of collective effort to be useful to the people. Improving their services further, Kasturba Hospital will extend evening Student Clinic hours in the hospital which, from November 1, will be between 5 pm to 7 pm on all working days.

Featured image: Purva Pathak

Edited by: Sruti Srinivasan