When Baymax met Thor: Artifex 20183 min read

March 16, 2018 2 min read

When Baymax met Thor: Artifex 20183 min read

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Manipal: Artifex, the first animation fest hosted by School of Communication (SOC), was a three day event held from 9 – 12 March in the SOC campus to celebrate the 10th year of the BA (Animation) course in Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

Students from three schools in Manipal attended the inauguration held at the SOC auditorium on the first day. The vice-chancellor of MAHE, Dr H Vinod Bhat was the chief guest of the event. The inauguration was attended by Dr Padma Rani, the director of SOC, and various other faculty members.

Workshops were conducted on the first two days of the fest. With no entry restrictions, anybody who wished to attend could do so and gain a hands-on learning experience in photography, visual effects, filmmaking, and comic drawing workshops conducted by the professors from the animation department. Each workshop was held multiple times at different timeslots. This way, students could attend all four workshops if they chose to.

Although the fest happened parallel to Revels, the annual cultural fest of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), and Namma Angadi, a handicraft exhibition organised by the masters’ students at SOC, the first edition of Artifex saw a commendable turnout.

Interactive workshops were conducted by guest lecturers, animator Ranjit Singh and screenwriter and filmmaker John Edathattil on the second day. Both sessions were attended by students of SOC and its faculty members.

The sessions centred around the art of storytelling and its deceitful simplicity. “Stories are complex, and to tell a story you need to know what a story is”, said John E. Both guest lecturers played short films for the audience. John E however, had volunteers record the viewer’s reactions while watching the films and played it back to them, calling it another story in itself.


Filmmaker John Edathattil during his session after the inauguration. || Photograph Courtesy: Karthika Venugopal


Ranjit Singh described the importance of simplicity in animation. “Animation is an extension of the various forms available to you,” he said, adding that “live action may bind a person’s creativity as to what they can do, but with animation you have no limits.”

The students from the animation department had also organised an array of games, ranging from manual ones to video games on the computer. On the last day of the fest, a cosplay event was conducted, open for everybody. The college campus was decorated with artistic representations of animated characters, including parts of superhero ventures. Outside the auditorium, students displayed their digital art amongst other exhibits.

On being asked about the idea of Artifex, Praseed Nair, a professor in the animation department said “It’s a really fun event where everybody can gather and enjoy. We wanted to celebrate the 10th year of this course in Manipal, so we decided to conduct the fest. We’re sure we’ll make it a yearly occurrence and it’s great to see the result.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Arsha KA

Edited by: Sruti Srinivasan