An Evening of Stories at Student Support Centre2 min read

March 26, 2018 2 min read


An Evening of Stories at Student Support Centre2 min read

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A session comprising of readings of life narratives was organised by the Student Support Centre (SSC) and the Department of Student Affairs on March 24 to throw light on the topic of mental well-being and emotional wellness.

In a cosy corner of the student town, the Student Support Centre opened their doors for an event that tugged at the heartstrings of all those present. The chairs were set, the lights dimmed and anyone who wished to join was encouraged to go forward and speak about their experiences. As the evening proceeded, the room filled up with stories and poems of surviving the illnesses that are less spoken about.

There were several self-written and relatable narratives by people from different walks of life. A postgraduate student read a story about growing up alongside an alcoholic dad and the bittersweet memories of her childhood, another one of the students creatively described his war with episodic depression through a poem on antidepressants which showcased dosages instead of dates.


The session had a gathering of students as well as teachers from different colleges. || Picture Courtesy: Harleen Kaur


“Trying to help a depressed person is like being depressed, it can’t be done but lived,” said Dr. Gayathri Prabhu, Assistant Professor at Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, as she read out an excerpt from her own book ‘If I Had To Tell Again’ about helping people suffering from depression.

Whilst the audience sighed at some stories and their eyes welled up at the others, there was always an applause awaiting each performer at the end of their narrative as they shared a piece of their lives with others.

In a generation where there’s a lot being said about mental health but very less being understood, the event aimed to highlight areas that needed urgent attention and provide an open platform for people to be understood.

“Today each one of you has volunteered to sit down and listen to what each one has to say, today you have honoured each story like your own. Thank you for coming, thank you for honouring and understanding one another,” said Dr. Prabhu as the evening came to an end.


Featured Image Courtesy: Arsha K A

Edited by: Niharika Nambiar