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AIESEC revives Youth Speak Forum in Manipal4 min read

March 27, 2018 3 min read

AIESEC revives Youth Speak Forum in Manipal4 min read

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On March 25,  AIESEC organised a Youth Speak Forum at Fortune Inn, Manipal. . The event commenced at 5:30 p.m. and eminent speakers from all around the country gathered to talk about sustainable development goals in the world, as set by the United Nations.

The list of dignitaries included Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, Prof. Ganesh Nayak, S.A Anand,  Priyanka Kochhar, Advik Umamheswaran, and Col. Sudhir Sinha. The event commenced by lighting the lamp, following which Kamlesh Kumar Sharma delivered a speech.

Kamlesh Kumar Sharma:

Kamlesh Kumar Sharma, the Chief Communications Officer of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages  chose to speak  about education  as a sustainable development goal for the world. He introduced the topic of “commons” by giving few personal anecdotes. He also spoke about open source content on the World Wide Web and the disadvantages of the same. He further told us about how content on open source is not always beneficial for a particular individual as anyone can  upload convincing changes to fool the mass.  However,  this can help the ones who are not able to access authentic products due to copyrights and other authentication code of conducts. He concluded by saying how open source merely depends upon the perception of different individuals.

Prof. Ganesh Nayak:

The second speaker was Ganesh Nayak, a professor at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) He also covered 1500 km as a solo bicyclist in the Trans-Himalayan region of India. Prof. Nayak resigned to cycle around the Himalayas, and told us about his adventures and excursions in the past. He placed a lot of emphasis on how to plan a particular trip with the correct gear for the particular weather conditions of that specific area. Prof. Nayak also told us about how he was a regular smoker for 10 years and the willingness to cycle around the nation helped him begin living a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking.

S.A Anand:

S.A Anand took the floor after Prof. Nayak. S.A Anand is  a prominent life, health, and business coach in India. Anand spoke about breakthroughs in an individual’s life. Giving few personal examples, Mr. Anand told  the audience to loudly repeat “All I want is within me now”. Interacting with the crowd, he made few people volunteer and asked them to talk about their issues.He gave them few instances on how to overcome these problems with few physiological expressions. To conclude, Anand said, “Nobody holds a possession to whatever is there,  but instead it’s the role of an individual to trust and believe who he or she is, and overcome his or her problems.”


S A Anand during his session at Youth Speak Forum. || Picture Courtesy: Ishveena Paliwal


Priyanka Kochhar:

After a 10 minute break, the event resumed with Priyanka Kochhar on stage. She is one of the country’s most prominent bikers, and is India’s first female motorcycle blogger. She chose to speak about gender equality, and focused on motorcycles empowering women to feel liberated while riding. Kochhar told the crowd about how tough it was and still is to convince her parents to accept her passion for riding. Giving few personal anecdotes she told us how important wearing biking gear is while riding. She focused on the significance of giving everyone an equal chance and hoped to do something better in the distant future.

Advik Umamaheswaran:

Advik Umamaheswaran, a 4th year student of  MIT was the next speaker. He spoke about his startup venture, Pharmart. Pharmart, as he said is a portable pharmacy store that works as an application, which delivers medicines to the customer’s doorsteps. Advik talked about how a personal experience helped him start this venture along with a friend. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he told us about all the challenges he faced from his parents, yet overcame by not giving up.

Col. Sudhir Sinha:

The final speaker was Col. Sudhir Sinha, one of the most eminent influencers in the country. Being an asset to the Indian Army, Col. Sinha told us how having a vision, a motive, and the willingness to work for the society, with what he calls a “chak de” spirit took him to where he currently is. Enduring many hardships, Col. Sinha addressed the audience on how few things are inevitable and how to face those few problems with a positive attitude rather looking back and slacking over the negative aspect to it.

After a small Q&A session with Col. Sinha, Pranshul, one of the co-hosts concluded the event by thanking all the dignitaries, the organising committee, Coca-Cola, and the audience. The event was sponsored by Coca-Cola.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ishveena Paliwal

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal