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Jashn-E-Manipal: A rib tickling poetic evening2 min read

March 29, 2018 2 min read


Jashn-E-Manipal: A rib tickling poetic evening2 min read

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The second edition of the annual Hindi literary fest Jashn-e-Manipal, organised by Manipal’s only Hindi literary club ‘Goonj’ took place on Tuesday, March 27 at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) library auditorium.

Noted poet Shambhu Shikhar, orchestrated his excellent oratory skills to produce a spellbinding performance as the audience burst out in laughter. His poems revolved mainly around love, Uttar Pradesh’s social changes, national politics, Bihar’s liquor ban, and demonetisation. Some of his sarcastic remarks were hard hitting yet delivered with a purpose.

Poet Shambu Shikhar captured during his performance. || Photograph courtesy: Shreya Bavar


“Tum todo wada hum to nibhate rahenge

Narazgi hum bhi aise hum jatate rahenge

Jab tak nahi aate 15 lakh khaate mein

Tab tak modiji hum tumhe jitate rahenge”

The semi-finalist of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge show found a connection with the audience with his presence of mind and ingenious observations during the show.

“Kuch iss tarah manyen Valentine’s day ke sabko intezar rahe baal diwas kaa”

There were many standing ovations to the speaker’s credit. Cheering, clapping, giggles, and wild laughs of the elated crowd were dominant throughout the session. The energy throughout the event never subdued and every ludicrous line of the “Chhupa Rustam” poet received great applause.

The audience enthralled by the performances on stage. || Photograph courtesy: Tanishqa Kotian


Talking to The Manipal Journal, the poet advised aspiring young poets and said, “My message to young writers is that they should read literary works of Meer, Tulsi, and Mahadevi Verma. When you read, you get to know about the kind of poems going around and how they are being scripted. Once you have spent enough time on these, your hold over language gets better and you can write better.”

Earlier in the evening, the Goonj club members Rahul Singh, Prakhar Bansal, Vansh Tiwari, Ravish Kumar, and Rajat Maheshwari captivated the audience with their impressive verses. The theme of love was a major shareholder in their poems.

A member of Goonj sports their tagline. || Photograph courtesy: Tanishqa Kotian


The co-founder of Goonj, Utkarsh Kumar recalled few moments from the past. He said, “When we organised the first Hindi literary fest only five members were there, but today the entire hall is filled.” Further, he asked the club members to hold the reins of the club and carry it forward.

The program was inaugurated by the chief guest of the day, Dr. G.K Prabhu, former Director, MIT and currently, President, MAHE Jaipur.


Featured Image Courtesy: Shreya Bavar 

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal