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SSC celebrates first anniversary with an exhibition2 min read

April 1, 2018 2 min read

SSC celebrates first anniversary with an exhibition2 min read

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The Department of Student Affairs and the Student Support Centre (SSC) organised ‘An evening of Art Exhibition and Music’ on March 31 at SSC. The event began with acoustic music performances in the lawn outside the centre and the theme of the event revolved around emotional wellness.

Student Support Centre is a psychotherapy facility for students in Manipal and through this exhibition they celebrated their first anniversary on Saturday. The exhibition included works from students in and around the university. All the paintings were in accordance with the theme, many of which caught the attention of the spectators. The goal of the evening was to create a candid conversation about emotional wellness through art, creativity and sharing with people’s participation. 

Soham Mitra and ‘Battle of Wargs’

‘Battle of Wargs’ created by Soham Mitra, was an acrylic painting done on canvas. According to Soham, the painting showed a very gloomy and dark side of the artist’s mental state. The dark shades used in the painting depict the same. Soham said, “It’s an apocalyptic painting as the scene in the picture clearly depicts it.” He explains how he drew his inspiration from the Irish mythological creature the ‘warg’, which is a demi wolf. He showcased how the interplay of light shades in the painting clearly focused on the little warrior, hence depicting the victory over darkness or evil. Soham feels every picture tells the viewers a story in every possible way and every single individual is able to relate to it with their own perspective.


Battle of Wargs. || Photograph by: Vedant Ghosh



Michael Verghese, a student at Manipal Centre of Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH), shed light on his paintings which were submitted based on the theme of the event. He explained how he turned small gifts and mementos into art which is really personal to him. He wanted to preserve those memories and hence forged them into art.

Later during the event, Kishore Venkit, a member of the MCPH student council told that initially a lot of art submissions were not expected for the event, but he was happy to see the huge turnout of artwork and people alike.

Majority of the attendees were students from in and around Manipal. The music performances in the lawn attracted the crowd and helped set the mood for the remainder of the evening. The exhibition ended with an interactive music session by Aditya Rao and Nikhil Ravishankar.


Featured Image Courtesy: Vedant Ghosh

Edited by: Niharika Nambiar