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Invictus 2018 Opens with Improved Participation2 min read

April 25, 2018 2 min read

Invictus 2018 Opens with Improved Participation2 min read

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MANIPAL: Invictus 2018, the annual sports, cultural and literary fest of Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal from April 24-29, held the opening ceremony of its second edition at KMC Greens on Tuesday, April 24.

The first ever edition of Invictus was held last year, in 2017 and it was the first time that KMC had a college fest of its own. Previously, they used to host two separate annual events – ‘Mist’ an inter-college sporting event and ‘Vibes’ an inter-college cultural event. Invictus was introduced last year by the college Student Council as an amalgam of the former two events, with the notion that other participating colleges could experience everything at once through a seven day event rather than two separate events.

‘Invictus’ translates to ‘unconquered’ in Latin and this year, the fest has 45 different colleges participating in various events. Due to their history of hosting ‘Mist’, many medical and dental colleges from other cities are participating in the sports events. On the other hand, there is a mix of medical, dental and engineering colleges as well as local colleges and colleges from other streams who have signed up for literary events. Overall, participation has seen a marked increase from 2017.


Invictus 2018 begins. || Photograph Courtesy: Rrishika Kakoty

“This Invictus, we focused on improvement. We made a note of the changes we wanted from Invictus 2017 and acted upon it. We have tried to create a stable foundation for the fest and aimed to expand it so that other councils can take it forward on a good note in the coming years,” said Reem Hunain, the General Secretary, KMC Student Council.

Apart from the opening ceremony, events like Mono Act, Eastern Vocals, Western group and solo dance that took place at the TMA Pai Hall and KMC greens were the highlights of the first day. The décor in and around the KMC main stage put together by the team was the result of recycling existing material.


The stage will host various events for next six days. || Photograph Courtesy: Divayansh Bargotra


Pushan Aggarwal, a member of the crew at Invictus said, “We are in the second year of Invictus and it is difficult to expect a grand fest in such a short duration. Mist had a name of its own amongst colleges and now branding a new fest like Invictus in South India whilst getting sponsors and people to participate was a tough job, but with ample support from the council we have managed to pull it off.”

Dr. C. G. Muthanna, Chief Operating Officer, Kasturba Hospital was the chief guest for the evening and Dr. Pragna Rao, Dean, KMC Manipal along with faculty advisers were the other members on the dais.


Featured Image Courtesy: Divayansh Bargotra

Edited by: Drishti Sanyal