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Invictus 2018: Day 2 in pictures1 min read

April 26, 2018 2 min read

Invictus 2018: Day 2 in pictures1 min read

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The second day of Invictus 2018 kickstarted with Mime, which saw participation from various colleges
in and around Manipal. Vibrant contestants during the Solo Classical Dance event enthralled the audience while the Creative Duet Dance and Western Vocals events saw numerous vivid performances. The evening concluded with a prize distribution ceremony for the aforementioned events which was conducted soon after.

A participant performing his self-choreographed dance, an amalgamation of three different classical dance forms || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


An emotional moment captured during one of the Creative Dance Duet performances || Photograph Courtesy: Julius Caesar 

Participants impressing the audience with their acoustic performance in the Western Vocals category. || Photograph Courtesy: Julius Caesar


A contestant narrates a tale using her facial expressions and rhythmic hand gestures during a mesmerising Kuchipudi performance. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


A hip-hopper duo during their Creative Dance Duet performance. || Photograph Courtesy: Julius Caesar


Featured Image Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju