In Lieu of Current Events 051 min read

May 29, 2018 < 1 min read


In Lieu of Current Events 051 min read

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In the recently held Karnataka State Assembly Elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) increased its seat tally to 104 but fell behind by eight seats from the half mark. Congress, despite shrinking down to 78 seats, found a friend in Janata Dal (Secular)’s HD Kumarswamy. BS Yeddyurappa, who took oath of chief ministerial post in a hurry, resigned right before his floor test becoming the 55-hour-CM.

In lieu of current events, our cartoonists Antara Gupta Pisharody, Tanya Singh, Nishanth Palan, and Rayna Lele portray the number tussle and calculations.