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MILAP Screens Rachita Gorowala’s First2 min read

August 3, 2018 2 min read


MILAP Screens Rachita Gorowala’s First2 min read

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Manipal: Manipal International Literature and Arts Platform (MILAP) presented a screening of the film ‘Begamon Ka Bhopal’ followed by a conversation with the filmmaker Rachita Gorowala on Thursday, August 2 at the Planetarium Auditorium, Manipal.

‘Begamon Ka Bhopal’ is Rachita Gorawala’s first film, who is an alumnus of Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, and Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

The film delves into the lives of mainly four people- writer Manyeer Elheshaam, Nawabiyat descendants Firoza Khan and Meeno Ali and the royal attendant Zohra Phupo. It is about how they engage with the city Bhopal. It shows the city’s culture and traditions and is an ode to the times when it had women rulers. In the entire film the aforementioned people reminisce about the past – the rich heritage of the Nawabiyat , their emotions and the decline of the Nawabs. The additional visual and auditory effects further complemented the theme of the film. The conclusion was open-ended with the film playing around the feeling of nostalgia, which the director wanted to stress on.

“For a long time Bhopal had female rulers, so I was very fascinated by the idea of that. When I went about researching for the film, looking for stories, it became more and more internal as a journey,” said Rachita.

“They didn’t actually do the documentary. It was different and it made me think about the right things as well as the wrong things that has happened in history,” commented Sethu Pradeep , a second year student of School of Communication in the audience.

Manipal International Literature and Arts Platform(MILAP) is an annual festival hosted in Manipal, Karnataka. The festival is inspired by the long standing efforts of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) towards appreciation of literature and culture. MILAP provides a vibrant and non commercial space for writers, artists, literary critics and students to connect with each other and begin a dialogue.

The audience for the screening consisted of students from Manipal, staff members, artists and many more.


Featured Image Courtesy: Bhavya Joshi

Edited by: Drishti Sanyal