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A Day Celebrating Culture in Manipal: Kairos International Day 20183 min read

August 13, 2018 3 min read

A Day Celebrating Culture in Manipal: Kairos International Day 20183 min read

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Manipal: Dr TMA Pai Hall was prepped in vibrant colours as students representing 58 countries from across the world gathered to celebrate Kairos International Day on August 10, 2018 in Manipal.

This year’s event, which had a larger turnout than the previous edition, was organised in collaboration with IAESTE, AIESEC, Manipal Campus Ambassadors and IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Foundation), all under the guidance of the international office.

The show, which was bifurcated into literary and cultural events kicked off with World Cafe where students shared their experiences with one another. The event was designed to put them at ease and promote interaction. Following this were events such as Quizzing with Kahoot, TurnCoat, Know Your Country, and Share Your Experience. The students came up to the stage to share stories of their experiences in foreign exchange programmes to Scotland, USA and Germany. Soon after, students from India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Cyprus, Egypt, Netherlands and Tibet went up on stage to dance, sing covers of popular English songs and songs in their native language, do spoken word poetry and even conduct a quiz.


Students from different ethnicities came together to celebrate the occasion. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


“This is the 3rd time I’m involved in organising it. This is the 3rd International Day. For the first two years we held it in the KMC Interact Halls but now we’ve shifted it to a much larger venue. This event was incepted when the International Office wanted one event where everybody who is not Indian and is here in Manipal University would come and celebrate being together, here in Manipal,” said Shrey Maheshwari, Chairperson, IAESTE.

After an opening address from Dr Shubha HS, Dr Raghu Radhakrishnan, Director, International Affairs and Collaborations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, came up to say a few words and share a statistical presentation. “Kairos is a special retreat for all international students,” he added.

Following this was the procession of the students, country-wise, where Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Dr H Vinod Bhat greeted them. In a brief Q&A session between Dr Vinod Bhat and student heads of the organisers, Dr Bhat said, “When we started promoting student mobility, we had no idea the magnitude it would become. I think every student here has the opportunity to do an international stint.”

The evening drew to a close with a musical performance by a group of students from South Africa, a fashion show where international students dressed up in traditional Indian attire, a dance to multilingual music by Nigerian students, a traditional Tibetan dance, and a performance by Chords & Co. The cultural events ended with a group of international students dancing to popular Indian music, a crowd favourite.

“I like that they brought all the international students together. Some of us have been here for two or three years but we didn’t even know about all the people here. Usually if you want to talk to someone it might be awkward or out of place but in this event you can randomly go approach anyone you want to approach and ask them which country they’re from and about themselves,” said Ishvinder, a Malaysian student from School of Allied Health Sciences. “Especially during the games, I’ve got to make so many new friends today!” chimed in her friend, Neha.


Featured Image Courtesy: Aradhika Jain

Edited by: Drishti Sanyal