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Manipal Joins Relief Efforts for Kerala3 min read

August 19, 2018 3 min read


Manipal Joins Relief Efforts for Kerala3 min read

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MANIPAL: The student town of Manipal in Karnataka seems to be standing hand in hand  with the flood-hit state of Kerala. Various donation camps and help groups are being run by the students of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) as well as the local residents.

News of this disaster had immediately spread after the sequence of unfortunate events took place. Over 25 donation camps have been set up at various locations in Manipal and Udupi to collect relief items to be sent to the affected areas. Well known places like Kamath Circle, KMC Food Court, Tiger Circle, St. Joseph Church are the main hubs of these student groups and relief camps.

Messages started flooding social media very soon and awareness posts have surfaced. The MIT Rotaract Club in association with the District Administration of Udupi set up the only 24/7 donation camp at Manipal Lake. Another camp has been set up at the Manipal Bus Stop in Tiger Circle. Items collected will be dispatched by the Indian Coast Guard Aircrafts next week.


Similar donation camps have been set up across the town. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


The MIT Onam Committee, a committee with majority of Malayalee students, also set up a donation camp near the MIT Food Court. “We have coordinated with the District Collector and the items we collect will be sent to Kerala by the District Office,” said Sachin, a 3rd year MIT student volunteering at one of the donation camps. Items like bedsheets, sleeping mats, blankets, clothes, towels, sanitary napkins, food, clean water, soaps, sanitisers, mosquito repellents, medications, baby food, undergarments, bags, notebooks, toothbrushes, toiletries, bleaching powder and water purifying chlorine tablets are being collected in these camps.

“I have seen hundreds of students donate for last two days. Hopefully they will collect enough items to help out the people there. It is kind of amazing that when the time comes, we are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Jains later and humans first,” said Nainika, a 3rd year MIT student.


Students, across the town, are encouraging people to donate for the cause. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


Kerala, the South Indian state, best known for it’s beautiful backwaters and eco-cultural tourism initiatives was hit by devastating floods caused due to the unusually high rainfalls during the monsoon season and over 300 people were reported dead with 14 districts being placed on high alert.

Kerala received heavy rainfall on the evening of August 14th resulting in dams to fill their capacity. In the first 24 hours the state received over 310mm of rain. Almost all dams in the state have been opened since the water level has risen extensively due to rainfall, flooding the low lying areas. A state official reported that over 167 people have been killed in just 36 hours. The Kerala State Disaster Management Authority has placed the state in a red alert. Water treatment plants were forced to cease pumping water, resulting in poor access to clean water, especially in the northern districts of the state. Almost 80% of the state has been cut off from power supply and over 3,20,000 people have been displaced from their homes.


Featured Image Courtesy: Aayush Sinha

Edited by: Mehul Malpani