The Big Manipal Clean Up – AIESEC’s Initiative for a Cleaner Manipal3 min read

August 21, 2018 2 min read


The Big Manipal Clean Up – AIESEC’s Initiative for a Cleaner Manipal3 min read

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MANIPAL: The Big Manipal Clean Up, an initiative in accordance with the Swachh Bharat campaign by the Youth for Volunteering (YFV) department under AIESEC, conducted their first drive on the streets of Manipal to promote the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on Sunday afternoon.

The volunteers were divided into teams with leaders and asked to cover 12 spots throughout Manipal for the coming months where they will be holding a similar gathering for the cause on every third Sunday. In addition to that, the awareness methods being used by the group adhere to the concept of zero waste. As a result, instead of using traditional pamphlets, the members use a small piece of paper that has bit links to the Swachh Bharat website so that the person accessing it gets a better insight on the programme with statistics and detailed information.  Moreover, the group promotes school visits in order to spread awareness amongst the younger generations as well.

During the induction of the programme, the initiative was described as a student body run programme that aims towards turning Manipal into one of the cleanest towns in the vicinity. Furthermore, they intend on having more youth engagement in this societal movement of cleaning the places. People, knowingly or otherwise tend to litter. Apart from creating a sense of hygiene in and around Manipal, the drive is also about creating awareness for the same using traditional methods like word of mouth, handing out pamphlets, or school visits. The latter two aimed at creating awareness amongst the public.


The object is to clean up the locality and spread awareness about sanitation and hygiene. || Photograph Courtesy: Sneha Choudhury


“The purpose of this drive for the students is to instil in them a will to have a better surrounding and to live in a better place. There are many places apart from the ones that we’re covering that need cleaning. We want students to be aware that they can do their part in helping Manipal be a better place for all of us to live in,” said Shreya, Team Co-ordinator for The Big Manipal Clean Up. Shivam, another volunteer from the Mechanical Department at MIT had noticed differences in the city. He said, “The scenario has improved tremendously in the past two years, and that is due to such initiatives that help in spreading awareness for a cleaner Manipal.”

The programme also focused on World Clean -Up day on September 15 and its origins from an Estonian organisation named Let’s Do It, who made it their motive to mobilise up to 5% of the world’s population. The object is to clean up their locality and spread awareness about sanitation and hygiene. All of this is to happen on one single day on an international forum where they work forward with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Estonia.

They also are in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme. Furthermore, they also said that they are in the talks of bringing the event to India through AIESEC soon.


Featured Image Courtesy: Sneha Choudhury 

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal