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FoI Day 2 focuses on LGBTQ+ and Disability Representation2 min read

September 2, 2018 3 min read


FoI Day 2 focuses on LGBTQ+ and Disability Representation2 min read

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MANIPAL: The second day of ‘Festival of Ideas’ (FoI), a literary event celebrating the humanitarian and artistic expression of medical science and promoting creativity in a mainly science concentrated field, organised by the students of Kasturba Medical College (KMC), saw eminent doctors take to the stage and discuss about the lack of LGBTQ+ representation and support for specially abled in the country, especially in the field of medicine.


A small activity under the mental health conundrum where participants were asked to write any three reasons that makes them sad. || Photograph Courtesy: Samiksha Shetty


In continuation with activity conducted under the mental health conundrum, participants were also asked to put up any three reasons that make them happy. || Photograph Courtesy: Samiksha Shetty


Students of KMC taking a small break from their hectic schedule. || Photograph Courtesy: Samiksha Shetty


Handcrafted decorations made by the students of KMC. || Photograph Courtesy: Samiksha Shetty


Students of KMC conducting an origami workshop called ‘Artefact’ for the participants. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


Dr. Ollinda Timms, an anaesthesiologist and a professor at St. Johns Research Institute, gave a review post the screening of a comedy special called ‘Nanette’ by Hannah Gadsby, leading up to the discussion about discomfort shown doctors in tending to homosexuals. This session was called ‘Queernama’ and extensively focused on section 377. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


Dr. Satendra Singh, Physiologist at the University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, New Delhi, gave a lecture on ‘Stigma, Social identity, and Social Justice’. In his interaction with the audience, he spoke about giving the specially abled the same platform as every citizen and making public spheres in India more disability friendly. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Singh


Cartooning exercises conducted by the students of KMC at Festival Of Ideas, to display the hidden talents of its participants and given them an unbiased platform for expression. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


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Edited by: Niharika Nambiar