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Day 3 at FoI: Participants Explore Art and Poetry2 min read

September 3, 2018 3 min read


Day 3 at FoI: Participants Explore Art and Poetry2 min read

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MANIPAL: Various events were conducted on the third day of ‘Festival of Ideas’ (FoI) which enthralled the participants from different colleges. The day kickstarted with a photography workshop – Lumen by Indranil Sarkar of The Rural India Project (TRIP). This was followed by various interactive sessions which allowed the participants to indulge in their creative side of minds and explore new things.


Blindfolded conversations were conducted to promote the idea of opening up among the volunteers and engage in conversation with strangers. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


A participant is seen interacting with her blindfolds on during the session. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


The acoustic evening had various refreshing performances which entertained the audience. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


Audience were captivated by the soothing performances during the acoustic evening. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


A session named Poetry Writing and Appreciation was conducted by Rohini Kejriwal of The Alipore Post. During the session, participants were seen coming forward and sharing their poems with each other. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


The session also observed a very interesting activity called blackout poetry, where newspaper articles were used to create poetry. || Photograph Courtesy: Aryan Sanjeev


A theatre workshop was conducted by Dramanon, one of Manipal’s oldest theatre club. || Photograph Courtesy: Aryan Sanjeev


Hari Sankar, co-founder of Kommune, conducted a session on story-telling. He told how the small details of one’s memory can help in story building. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


Featured Image Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur

Edited by: Mehul Malpani