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FoI Day 4: A Culmination of Art and Medicine2 min read

September 4, 2018 3 min read


FoI Day 4: A Culmination of Art and Medicine2 min read

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MANIPAL: The last day of Festival of Ideas, organised by the Student Editorial Board of Kasturba Medical College (KMC), was a unique blend of art and medicine. It was a day filled with engaging activities like a photowalk, slam poetry, and zine making workshops. The evening concluded with a vote of thanks and a prize distribution ceremony of the various competitions held during the four-day long literary event.

Under a pleasantly sunny sky, students of KMC were keenly involved in the bird-watching photowalk session by Shaurya Rahul at End Point. || Photograph Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon


Nature lovers pose after the long photowalk session through the entire stretch of End Point guided by Shaurya Rahul. || Photograph Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon


Indranil Sarkar, the person behind The Rural India Project, conducted a workshop beyond four walls and took aspiring photographers to rural areas around Manipal giving them valuable insights to capture a moment in all its glory. The Rural India Project is a storytelling initiative seeking to provide a voice to those living in Indian villages. || Photograph Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon


Participants enthusiastically preparing for an activity of the slam poetry workshop, ‘APM: From the Soul’, held by Shantanu Anand and Nandini Verma of the Airplane Poetry Movement. || Photograph Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon


In continuation with ‘APM: From the Soul’, participants penned down their thoughts and ideas in the form of free flowing poetry and subsequently presented it, showcasing their talent and unique style. They received constructive criticism and feedback from the experts for the same. || Photograph Courtesy: Vanessa Shingare


In the zine making workshop organised by The Alipore Post, students of KMC were involved in the making of DIY magazines and booklets known as zines, from scratch, to calming music in the background. || Photograph Courtesy: Vanessa Shingare


In the interesting doodle race event, participants were expected to doodle the famous Mona Lisa in their own ways, followed by a sketch of their personal interpretations of childhood. || Photograph Courtesy: Vanessa Shingare


Featured Image Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal