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MIT A wins MAHE Inter-Collegiate Chess Tournament3 min read

September 8, 2018 3 min read


MIT A wins MAHE Inter-Collegiate Chess Tournament3 min read

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MANIPAL: Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) hosted its annual Inter-Collegiate Chess Tournament on September 5 and 6 at the MAHE Counselling Hall, Manipal. The two-day event was inaugurated by Dr Kishore Kumar CK, Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University. 

The competition was based on a Swiss-System Tournament style, which is a non-eliminating tournament format featuring a set number of rounds throughout the competition. A total of five rounds were played in the two-day span of the tournament. 17 colleges took part in the competition with Manipal University, Jaipur Campus taking part in the online Chess Tournament.

Day one of the competition featured two rounds, with each team playing two matches as per their pools. Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) – A, along with Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore (KMC – Mangalore) and Jaipur Campus topped the table with four points each on the first day.


Students battle it out in the competitions second year of online competition. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


The four teams looked forward to carry their positive momentum on day two. The remaining teams put their strategies on the table for three rounds of intense chess lined up on the second day of the tournament.

Day two began with round three of the tournament. MIT A, KMC – Manipal, KMC – Mangalore and Jaipur Campus fought hard for the top position to get the lead. MIT A took on KMC – Manipal, while KMC – Mangalore faced Jaipur Campus in an online battle.

MIT A were victorious and took a lead with six points on board, and two more rounds left to play. Jaipur Campus and KMC – Mangalore followed with five points in a splendid round of competitive chess. MIT A was dominant throughout the three rounds and the team looked to further capitalise on the lead.


Manipal University, Jaipur locks horns with KMC, Manipal, through means of the online competition. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


Dominance persisted for the four teams in the penultimate round of the competition. However, the focus in this round shifted towards KMC – Manipal. They held their nerve to sail past Jaipur Campus and KMC – Mangalore, beating School of Communication, Manipal (SOC) in the fourth round.

MIT A lead the board with most match points in their bag, and went from strength to strength to complete the fourth round.

The final round had teams analysing their play for the upcoming set of games. Both KMC and MIT A were looking for victories to get maximum points before the final result. MIT won their fifth consecutive match in the final round with 10 match points in total. KMC too emerged victorious in their final round encounter and ended with eight match points.


A student thinking before making his next move in a tough encounter. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


MIT A were declared as winners with 16.5 points to their name and maximum match points. KMC – Manipal finished second with 15 points followed by KMC – Mangalore who secured 14 points.

Aditya Joshi, MIT A, team captain remarked “The competition was much tougher than last time. We believed in every member of the team and had confidence in each other. We are delighted to be winners today.”

The Chess Tournament marked the beginning of the MAHE inter-collegiate sports events for 2018-19.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ekta Sinha

Edited by: Tarush Dhume