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Indie Escape: An Evening of Art, Music, Movies and Wine2 min read

September 20, 2018 3 min read


Indie Escape: An Evening of Art, Music, Movies and Wine2 min read

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MANIPAL: The crowd of Manipal experienced ‘Indie Escape’, an event organised by Escape Reality that brought to the table events such as art exposition, live music, slam poetry, short film screening, and wine tasting in Tito’s, on Monday, September 17.


Ananya Roy, a 3rd year Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) student, shared her poetry ‘Aloo Parathe’ which was about a best friend of hers who gave her the comfort of home, similar to which the famous delicacy, she associates with her own home. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


The art exposition, put up in the event, showcased the talent and skills of many painters, artists, photographers, and graphic designers. Many of them being university students and practicing in different fields, described how they still aspire to continue their passion of art. The exposition displayed works by Antara Gupta, Spandita Das, Rohan Agarwal, Shalini Srinivasan, Rayna Lele, and many others. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


Antara Gupta, a 3rd year student from School of Communication (SOC), talked about how she had developed a skill of communicating her thoughts and feelings to people through her art. She also spoke about how her pieces are inspired by everything around her such as her college, friends, and family. She often draws inferences from her favourite movies, one of them being ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, to portray her ideas better. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


Musical Moments: The crowd was mesmerised by the performance of the band consisting of Kartikeya, Sharang, Vinay, Arslan, and Alston. The group strummed and sang a few of their original songs, and also played Ultra Cheese by Arctic Monkeys. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


Devanshi, a 2nd year student from Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), gave an induction to wine tasting, one of the most awaited programmes of the evening. She also gave an insight about Sula, the manufacturers of the wines of the night. She further told about the eco-friendly methods, used by Sula, to produce their products and how they launched Kadu wines over 10 years ago as ‘the wine with a cause’. || Photography Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


Talks of taste, tints and textures: The audience relished Sula Riesling and held discussions about the wine, examining it on the basis of multiple criteria. Along with the floral and fruity tasting Sula Riesling, the audience also enjoyed Kādu Shiraz Rose and Kādu Cabernet Shiraz. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


Featured Image Courtesy: Aparna Shankar

Edited by: Mehul Malpani