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November 4, 2018 3 min read



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Manipal: Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT)-A emerged winners of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Inter-Collegiate Men’s Basketball Tournament by thumping Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal 76-39 here at the Basketball Courts of the Marena Sports Complex. In the women’s tournament, KMC Mangalore edged out the Faculty of Architecture (FOA) in a scoreline that read 28-21.

KMC Manipal had always looked of it as a tough match, as they narrowly beat Welcomgroup School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) in the semi-finals by a nail-biting three points, with the scoreboard in the complex gleaming 29-26. MIT-A, on the other hand, romped their way to the final defeating their counterparts MIT-B, 52-31.

However, as soon as the match begun, KMC took everyone by surprise, as they netted the ball twice without reply, clearly indicating to their opponents that this match was not going to be a one-sided affair. MIT-A, in response, wasted no time in regaining their composure, and by the end of the first time-out, managed to hold onto a narrow lead of 6-4.

The coming phase of the match was what perhaps, cost KMC the game – with the MIT players exploding onto the court – their continuous and merciless attacking completely turned around the course of the game, giving them an unassailable lead at the next time-out, sitting comfortably at 27-8. Whilst the entire team made it difficult for KMC to cut the deficit, Mehul, in particular, lead the attack and often found himself in a dangerous position to net the ball, making it a nightmare for the opposition. KMC was caught off guard on multiple occasions in the game, with the team out-front attacking, leaving their hoop unguarded, giving MIT chances to score at will.

A KMC player dribbles the ball past the School of Communication (SOC) defense.|| Photograph Courtesy: Mridul Kalra 


While MIT led an unbeatable display of attacking in KMC’s half, maintaining a points tally of almost double of their opponents, and scoring commendable three-pointers from every possible direction, the team also committed quite a few fouls while defending KMC’s attack on their basket, conceding points from the resulting free-throws. Despite managing to break through the defense, KMC found it difficult to net the ball most of the times, failing to capitalise on their chances. However, the MIT defense did display some heroics when Nagaprasad, at one point, managed to deflect the ball away moments before it skimmed through the hoop. The defending tactics managed to keep KMC at bay throughout the duration of the match, while managing to swoop past the KMC players, making it impossible for them to turn the game around, the score read 72-36 before the last time-out.

In the women’s game, KMC Mangalore opened the scoring, after both sides came close putting the ball in the opposition’s basket. KMC Mangalore qualified for the final after defeating their Manipal counterpart 34-21. FOA knocked School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS) 24-15 in the semi-finals.

FOA found themselves with a narrow lead at 5-4 before the first time-out. FOA was found constantly putting pressure on KMC by launching attacks one after the other. Despite being subdued by the constant attacks, KMC fought back by slowly penetrating into the FOA defense, taking their time to devise strategies and attack. KMC found themselves leading midway through the match, at 10-7. However, the game was very much in the balance, unlike the men’s final, with both teams bringing the score level on many occasions. In the end, it was KMC that managed to hold on to its lead at 28-20 at the last time-out.

The MAHE Inter-Collegiate Basketball Tournament was hosted by the Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS) from October 29-31.


Featured Image Courtesy: Mridul Kalra

Edited by: Tarush Dhume