Rotaract Club runs blood donation drive2 min read

January 23, 2019 2 min read


Rotaract Club runs blood donation drive2 min read

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MANIPAL: On January 19, the Rotaract Club of Manipal organised a Blood Donation Camp at MIT Food Court – 1. It was met with a heavy crowd which increased as the day progressed.

The Rotaract Club conducts donation camps on or around every Independence Day, Republic Day, or Gandhi Jayanti to contribute in their own way to the society. The blood donation camp was held early to help the patients at Kasturba Medical College. Doctors from KMC were present to overlook the donors and supervise the process.


“It is also a social service event and is held every semester. At the moment, every blood group is facing a shortage. Mostly people from the Manipal Institute of Technology and faculty members donate. But the most common age group is 18 to 21,” said Vinika, one of the head organisers of the camp. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


“It’s been some time since I’ve donated blood. I was a little nervous about the sanitation, but it’s actually pretty neat and the doctors are really nice. It was a good experience!” said Steven, a student from MIT. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


Last year, more than 340 students donated and around 300 units of blood were collected. This year, the statistics should be the same because there are around 2000 students in Manipal. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


“I have always wanted to donate blood, this was my first time. Being a biotechnology student, we have to deal with human oriented diseases and stuff, which are mostly blood-borne. It’s important to have reserves of blood so that when patients are dealing with these illnesses, they can use those reserves. Think about somebody else before yourself!”, advised Abhinav Bohra, a first year student from MIT. || Photograph Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur


Featured Image Courtesy: Sahaj Mathur

Edited by: Drishti Sanyal