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A day of adrenaline and enthusiasm: Red-X’s first triathlon gathers athletes in Manipal2 min read

February 6, 2019 3 min read


A day of adrenaline and enthusiasm: Red-X’s first triathlon gathers athletes in Manipal2 min read

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MANIPAL: Sport enthusiasts in Manipal woke up with high spirits in their hearts and adrenaline in their veins as they became part of Manipal’s first triathlon hosted by Red-X Manipal on February 4. The event included a sprint of 1.5 kilometres and cycling of 1.8 kilometres, followed by swimming two laps around the campus of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). The event also offered the winners cash prizes up to Rs 10,000.


The participants lined up at the starting point of the track. The route of the triathlon started at the New Ladies Block, MIT Hostels and followed around the college campus with the finishing line at the MIT Swimming Pool. The race track was curated differently for both male and female participants. The participants expressed gladly that they couldn’t have asked for a better start to a Sunday morning than the same. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


The partakers showed a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm when it came to showing their athletic skills on the race track. In an interview with the Adventure head of Red-X, Snehashish Sourav, a third-year MIT student, he revealed the aim behind the triathlon. He said,“ We as a club focus on bringing a small slice of adventure in the lives of all those students who reside here. The concept of a triathlon is pretty popular around the world and we’ve been thinking about bringing it to Manipal for a long time, and this year, we finally decided to host it.” || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


The race included various participants from in and around Manipal – along with a participant from Mangalore, who noted that she always wanted to take part in events like this to learn to better her skills. Others spoke about how this was the first time that they have participated in such an event, and would like to have more events along this line in Manipal. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


The event came to an end in the afternoon when all the slots were completed and the winners were announced, after comparing the time taken by each participant to complete the track. The first place was bagged by Shrinidhi Urala amongst the male participants and Ankita Singh in the female category, who took 18 minutes 26 seconds and 17 minutes and 35 seconds respectively to complete the race. Red-X hopes for more participation and an even bigger competition in the coming years as well. || Photograph Courtesy: Ekta Sinha


Featured Image Courtesy: Tanya Arora

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal