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Quality, practicality, and experience – India’s initiatives towards revamping education3 min read

February 23, 2019 3 min read


Quality, practicality, and experience – India’s initiatives towards revamping education3 min read

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According to the Constitution of India, education is a fundamental human right and it must be guaranteed to children in the age group of 6-14 years. As a result, it led to the emphasis of accessibility of quality education in most regions across the world. Initially, the education system was confined to classrooms and their four walls, but advances in technology allow learning beyond the confines of these walls.

Due to the importance and underlying need for literacy, many initiatives have been taken by individuals or groups to improve the quality of learning, by making education more available and developing a more practical rather than textbook approach to teaching.

Teach For India

One of the pioneers of transforming the traditional education system is Teach For India (TFI), a non-profit organisation which began in the year 2008. This initiative was started by Shaheen Mistri as the Indian division of the Teach for All network. TFI strongly believes that there is a lack of leadership and a deficit of people in the education system willing to improve the quality of education. To change this, they have adopted a model where people from different fields and not only the education sector can help impact and change the traditional education ecosphere. The organisation recruits college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time educators in low-income schools for a period of two years.

The Walking School Bus

TWSB is an initiative which aims at making quality education accessible in developing countries where it is easier for kids to get trapped in the clutches of poverty.  It was started by Aaron Friedland in 2015, with his approach to provide proper nutrition and accessible education to kids in India, Uganda, and South Africa. Proper education cannot be restricted to only providing knowledge. Thus, TWSB acknowledges other sectors required for education like nutrition and accessibility. Their goal is to create and provide sustainable solutions to improve education and holistic development of a student.

The Kahani Project

The Kahani Project is an educational initiative that is focussed on the art of storytelling and how it is every child’s right to hear stories. It was started in the year 2012 by Monika Pathak, Sonia Malani, Sneha Malani, and Ajay Dasgupta. Stories shape an individual’s persona and The Kahani Project records or crowdsources audios and stories and convert them into MP3 formats to give them to visually impaired children in blind institutes. The stories are recorded in over eight languages as they aim to reach as many kids as possible. The Kahani Project plans to expand to juvenile homes, old age homes, and orphanages.


In schools, science is taught in classrooms without its practical implications being showcased. This approach towards education hinders the creative and innovative ideas of young minds. Experifun aims at bridging this gap and creating innovative young minds by providing a platform where children can interact with real objects in real time. This initiative has its core in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and was started by a group of IIT/IIM teachers and alumni in 2012. The initiative is the first of its kind, being an innovating learning platform for science and computer education.

With the implementation of new-age ideas, there has been a ripple effect in revolutionising the education system by eliminating obstacles that come in the way of children and their education. The by-products of this effect are organisations working in their individual capacity to succeed in delivering high-calibre education to youth across the world.


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Edited by: Karthika Venugopal

Aaron Friedland is one of the speakers at TEDx Manipal 2019, being conducted on February 24, at TMA Pai Auditorium. The theme for this year’s TEDx Manipal is Cognizance.

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