#LovePawsitivity: A new ‘leash’ of life for the four-legged3 min read

February 24, 2019 3 min read


#LovePawsitivity: A new ‘leash’ of life for the four-legged3 min read

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MALPE: A puppy adoption drive was held at Malpe Beach by Precious Paws, an Udupi based animal rescue organisation on February 23.

Conducted on a weekend at the crowded beach, the camp drew crowds of adopters and curious onlookers. All of the 17 pups put up for adoption at drive successfully found permanent homes through the event.

“Most puppies on the streets are not vaccinated and it is dangerous to simply take them homes as pets. This drive gives us an opportunity to have pets that are already vaccinated and safe to handle. I also came to know that dogs can be operated on to prevent them from reproducing, through this camp,” said an adopter.

In a conversation with Babita Madhwaraj, an animal rights litigator, organiser of the drive and trustee of Madhwaraj Animal Care Trust (MACT) said she feels that often, mongrels and Indian-origin dog breeds are looked upon as stray dogs and are subject to abuse despite the existence of laws that protect them. Although the import of pedigree dogs for breeding in India was banned by the central government in 2016, they are still a popular choice amongst most Indian households notwithstanding the price tag and maintenance issues that come along.


The beach featured decor that encapsulated the idea of the drive − to show love and kindness to dogs, and adopt Indian breeds. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditi Desai


With worldwide trending pet adoption campaigns that run along the lines of ‘Adopt, don’t shop’, ‘Desi vs Videsi’ and ‘Who saved Who’, she thinks Indie dogs stand better chances of finding homes in India.

“People think that raising a foreign breed dog is a symbol of status and wealth in India. In reality, foreign dogs like Pitbulls need a lot of training while St. Bernards don’t easily adjust to our weather. Our desi dogs are just as loveable as those dogs,” commented Pooja Shivani, a volunteer at the drive.

“We organise adoption drives on every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. We put up pups for adoption once they’re vaccinated and dewormed. When they are around 6 months old, we assist the adopter families in sterilisation,” said Babita Madhwaraj.

She further propounded, “Most of the pups at our shelter are those who have been separated from their mothers when they’re lesser than 35 days old and have lost territory. In such cases, street fostering is also an option.”

Since its opening in July last year, Precious Paws has successfully facilitated the adoption of over 182 puppies. In a bid to spread awareness about this drive and its cause, painting competitions for school students, entertainment programmes and water feeding initiatives for dogs in the vicinity of the town were organised.


The drive was also attended by politicians, including Pramod Madhwaraj, former Minister, Government of Karnataka as part of the inauguration of a campaign. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditi Desai


The drive was a part of the inauguration of the campaign ‘Namma Swantha; Namma Hemme’ by Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, Deputy Commissioner, Udupi District and of MACT by Pramod Madhwaraj, former Minister, Government of Karnataka.

‘Namma Swantha; Namma Hemme’ translates to ‘our own; our pride’ and aims to promote interest in and adoption of local Indie dogs as well as focuses on activities to improve their living conditions.


Featured Image Courtesy: Aditi Desai

Edited by: Niharika Nambiar