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Minor girl found dead near Manipal, rape charges added2 min read

March 13, 2019 2 min read


Minor girl found dead near Manipal, rape charges added2 min read

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MANIPAL: A minor girl was found dead near a railway track in the Moodu Sagri forest area near Manipal on Sunday, March 10. The police are currently investigating the case of rape and murder.

The girl, who was a resident of Udupi, had gone missing on March 9 and her body was found by local residents of Moodu Sagri village on Sunday evening. A police official told that a woman, who was collecting firewood in the forest, had seen her body first, after which the locals informed the police.

Speaking to The Manipal Journal (TMJ), Superintendent of Police (SP), Udupi, Nisha James confirmed that a case for rape and murder had been registered by the police. She told, “Sections for rape have been added after receiving the forensic reports. Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act has also been put as her father disclosed that the girl was a minor. An investigation is underway by an Inspector from Manipal Police station, who is being assisted by three other inspectors.”

According to a report published in news website The News Minute (TNM), the clothes of the girl had been removed. “When the body was found, it was naked from the bottom half and her underwear was also removed which suggests that there was sexual intercourse. There were no defensive injuries found on her body,” the report said, quoting a source.

An official from the Forensic Medicine Department at Kasturba Hospital also confirmed to TMJ that they had conducted the investigation and submitted a report to the police. “The medical enquiry has been conducted from our side and as our routine, we have given the reports to the police,” told the official.

A missing person’s complaint was filed by her parents a few hours before the body was found, as revealed by a source in the police department. “Before the police could investigate in that matter, her body was discovered,” the source added.


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