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Invictus ’19: Literary and cultural events commence on day two2 min read

April 14, 2019 3 min read


Invictus ’19: Literary and cultural events commence on day two2 min read

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MANIPAL: Day two of Invictus ‘19 held this year’s introduction to their cultural and literary events. Beginning with painting and ending with the quiz, this day saw varied themes – everything from ‘idiot box’ for the quiz, to ‘psychedelia’ for the painting prompt.


Participants illustrate along the theme ‘psychedelia’. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur 


The participants were given an hour to complete their illustration. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur



The second day of Invictus ’19 ended with an ‘Idiot Box’ (Themed) quiz, which included questions on topic varying from sitcoms to dramas, Game of Thrones to the extended Marvel Universe, Netflix originals and Amazon Prime Originals. The quiz had 15 teams of three members each, from various colleges like Kasturba Gandhi Medical College (KMC), Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Kasturba Gandhi Medical College, Mangalore. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur



“It (the planning of questions) started a couple of weeks before but most of the work was done in the last two days,” said Ashwin Mathur, second-year, Electrical and Electronics, MIT. This was the first time that Ashwin and Ranjib Rudra, second-year, Mechanical, MIT debuted as quiz masters in an inter-college quiz. Ranjib said,” It’s a brilliant experience. The crowd could have been more than what we expected. Everybody had fun. My motive of having a prelim was that everyone has fun whether or not the finals are harder.” || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur


The audience wasn’t disappointed, and the entire room was filled with excitement and murmuring of the participants who were jumping or slumping into their chairs depending upon whether they knew the answers. there were objections given to hints and the students racked their brains to solve the questions. The quizmasters touched almost all the major genres of TV series, films, and dramas. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur


The teams had to go through two rounds – the Prelims and the Finals, containing more than 50 engaging questions. A team from KMC bagged the first position, followed by a team of students from both KMC and MIT. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditya Mathur


Featured Image Courtesy: Aditya Mathur

Edited by: Rayna Lele