Invictus Day 3: Cartoons, Mono-Acting2 min read

April 14, 2019 2 min read


Invictus Day 3: Cartoons, Mono-Acting2 min read

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MANIPAL: Invictus Day Two had cartooning and mono-acting, carried out at the Bio-Chemistry building and TMA Pai Halls respectively. In cartooning, the prompt ‘Collusion’ was given on-the-spot and participants had to draw based on the topic given to them. The Invictus community provided the paper, but the participants had to bring their own pens.


When asked why the committee chose ‘Collusion’ as the theme, Nimish Gupta, second-year, KMC, who was the organizer of the Cartooning event, said “You can see the events happening around us. The Russian collusion, or even the Indian government. There are many conspiracies going on. What we liked is that we actually received more participants than we expected, about eight or nine,” he continued. “There are even few from outside Manipal. They include KMC Mangalore and SIMS Bangalore. The more people who do it, the more awareness it can bring to others.” || Photograph Courtesy: Aditi Desai


Ojasvi Praveen, a participant at KMC Mangalore, mentioned that her concept was to show ‘world domination’, where everything that we do – whether under the sea or out in space – in the end, what we want is world domination. “I drew an underwater scene at the bottom which includes a deep-sea diver and a sea dragon. On top, there was an astronaut and aliens. They are both reaching towards the earth and earth is melting underneath their pressure. I just really liked putting those character into play and showing how they are contrasting by being above and below but still reaching towards the same thing,” she said. || Photograph Courtesy: Aditi Desai


Mono-acting, as the name suggests, is where a solo participant has to enact scenes on stage and perform various roles. The topics that given at this event were ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’/ ‘Don’t Kill Me’ depending on the interpretation of the user, ‘Awkward First Date’, ‘Playing the Victim Game’ and Elitism. Participants had four minutes’ time and were to be judged on the following criteria: acting, use of stage, use of speech and overall performance. The judges were Dr Ashwini Kumar from KMC and Karthikeya Goswami from School of Communication. || Photograph Credits: Aditi Desai


Edited by: Rayna Lele

Featured Image Courtesy: Aditi Desai