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Invictus ’19: From dance to potpourri, day four takes the stage by storm4 min read

April 15, 2019 4 min read

Invictus ’19: From dance to potpourri, day four takes the stage by storm4 min read

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MANIPAL: The fourth day of Invictus ’19 brought in a new wave of energy and joy into the students of Kasturba Medical College (KMC). The day was filled with cultural and literary activities that were organised by the students of KMC. The activities that were conducted included Street Play, Creative Writing, English Poetry, and India Quiz among many others.


‘Nukkadmounnahibaithega!’: Street Play, which was one of the cultural events, had various teams come to perform street plays, where the participants were engaged in the event with zeal and enthusiasm. The teams aimed to raise awareness about many social issues such as menstruation being a taboo, gender discrimination and stereotypes, and terrorism being associated with religion. The play by slot number 2 shouted, “Nukkadmounnahibaithega!”, speaking of the power of such street plays and their impact on the audience. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


English poetry was a literary event that took place at the Interact building where participants showcased their poetic skills. Wearing creativity on their sleeves, the participants presented poems which had to be written on given topics: ‘Love is in the bin’, ‘Aesthetics and identity’, and ‘It could happen to you’. One of the participants showcased her adaptation of the topic ‘It could happen to you’ with the lines, “It could happen to me, and it could happen to you too. Where have you met a person, without a #MeToo?” || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


Brainstorming in action – the India quiz, organised by the literary committee of Invictus had participants who took part in the quiz with their whole heart and a whole lot of brainstorming. The quiz consisted of questions that were about India, its history, culture, and heritage. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


Mad Ads, conducted by the cultural committee, had the participants partake with full zeal and vigour at KMC Greens. Different teams presented their hypothetical interpretation of advertisements for hypothetical products. The performances had the crowd bursting into fits of laughter with their comedic scripts and execution. || Photograph Courtesy: Tanya Arora


From Eminem’s verses to soulful acapella, the Western Vocals event saw an ingenious variety of musical talent. Given a 25-minute slot each, colleges from in and around Manipal took to the stage with solos as well as group performances, captivating the audience with some heartfelt music. “We had a great time here. We performed a group song and had four other solos. It has been fun listening to the other teams perform as well,” said a participant from Dayanand College of Engineering, Bangalore. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


The Potpourri Finals, consisting of six finalist teams, brought in a fun-filled and enjoyable evening. Emphasising on close-knit teamwork and communication skills, the three rounds were packed with a lot of intensity and fun. The teams skillfully competed in the timed rounds, with very narrow score margins between them, generating a constant sense of excitement. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


“The turnout has been much better this time as compared to the previous years. We had 13 teams participating in the beginning and now we have our six finalists,” said Ashima Puri, organiser of the Potpourri event. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


Creative Duet, true to its name, saw some of the most talented performances of the evening, by pairs of very well coordinated dancers. Some performances hit close to hearts, while others left the audience at the edge of their seats, all the while showcasing some brilliant emotions and narratives. From love stories and routines on friendships to catchy beats and unique props, each performance outdid the other in one way or another. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


Upbeat dance performances to a few of the most popular Indian songs left the crowd clapping and dancing along. The Eastern solo event had some very colourful dancers take to the stage, with brilliant classical and Bollywood-inspired performances as well. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


The Eastern Group Dance event was the last event of the day. The teams from various colleges in and around the area excited the audience some very interesting choreography and performances. Bringing to light topics ranging from mental illnesses to brilliant classical routines, the event had it all, displaying thought-provoking perspectives and unique insights. || Photograph Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju


Featured Image Courtesy: Achyuth Baiju

Edited by: Nayanatara Jacob