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Culture, literature and entertainment move to the forefront on day six of Invictus ‘193 min read

April 17, 2019 3 min read


Culture, literature and entertainment move to the forefront on day six of Invictus ‘193 min read

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MANIPAL: The sixth day of Invictus ’19 saw a range of cultural and literary events organised by the students of Kasturba Medical College (KMC). The array of events included Debate Competition, Collage, Dance-off and Fashion Show.


The collage-making competition at the Biochemistry Lecture Hall (BCLH) had the theme of ‘The Wall’. Left open to interpretation, all participating groups put on their thinking caps and let their creativity take charge. They were expected to bring out the meaning and best of the concept using simple materials like magazines and paper cut-outs. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


The debate finals at TMA Pai Hall saw the four qualifying teams battling it out with words in British Parliamentary style of debate on the motion – ‘The House believes that the world is getting overly sensitive to racism’. “As medical students, it is very important that we learn about topics we usually do not come across and this was a brilliant platform for me to put forward my opinions, gather valuable information, and obtain constructive criticism,” commented Bareeya Jalha, a medical student from Pondicherry. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


On the cultural front, the Eastern Vocals competition was held at KMC Greens in the afternoon, where solo, duet and group singing were welcome. The participants entertained the audience with beautiful renditions of Indian songs of different languages. This event saw various colleges from around Manipal, Bengaluru and the like taking keen interest and showcasing their talents. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


The MELA Quiz was the last literary event for the day. Being one of its kind, the quiz was all about questions related to the fields of Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art. It had enthusiastic and knowledgeable teams ready to fight it out with wit and speed. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


With about 15 teams in the preliminary round, the finals of the awaited MELA Quiz had eight teams who had to be well aware of all happenings and highlights in the aspects of Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


The evening kick-started with the Dance-off with various participants putting their best moves and grooves forward, thoroughly entertaining the crowd and making it tough for the judges to choose the winners of each round. The event needed the dancers to adapt to different styles and the continuously changing music handled by the audio-visual team at KMC Greens. “It was great fun to perform in the Dance-off and it was a very well organised event. The songs were versatile, catchy and helped create a vibe,” exclaimed Lakshmi S, a postgraduate student from KMC, Mangalore. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


Day six of Invictus ’19 concluded with just the right kind of show stopper – Fashion Show. The event took place at KMC Greens and was mesmerising with participating teams putting up a great show. Themes were opted by the teams independently and elaborate costumes were on display effortlessly, with all glory. || Photograph Courtesy: Aparna Shankar


Featured Image Courtesy: Aparna Shankar

Edited by: Vaibhavi Vaman