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Of intense quizzing and hardcore music – day seven redefines ‘Invictus’2 min read

April 18, 2019 3 min read


Of intense quizzing and hardcore music – day seven redefines ‘Invictus’2 min read

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MANIPAL: The third edition of the week-long Kasturba Medical College (KMC) fest, Invictus ‘19, concluded on April 17. The last day of the fest saw some intense quizzing and a glorious musical evening, ending the fest on a high note.


The first event of the day was ‘Sports Quiz’, which tested the participants’ awareness and love for sports. A preliminary round was held amongst the participants who had registered for the quiz. The top eight teams who cleared the prelims went on to compete in the finals. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


Major Chandrakant Nair was the quiz master yet again, completing a hat-trick in conducting the quiz. “I imagine myself as a participant and then create the questions for the quiz, based on my research and everyday reading,” he replied, on being asked about the process involved behind forming the questions for the quiz. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


‘General Quiz’ was the second literary event of the day. It involved questions on science, history, geography, sports, pop culture and the like. It followed the same format as ‘Sports Quiz’. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


The evening’s highlight was ‘Battle of Bands’, a music competition like no other. A total of six bands let loose and delivered outstanding musical talent at Amphitheatre. It also included original compositions and fierce riffs. The event accommodated various forms of music like fusion, funk-rock and alternative-rock among many others. Each band was given 20 minutes to perform, including five minutes for sound-check. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


The judges had a tough time picking a clear winner, owing to the performance of all the bands. One of the judges, Sanjay John Rodrigues, a well-known music producer in the local music circuit said that the level of competition was higher than what they had anticipated and it was great seeing such young talent. || Photograph Courtesy: Mahalakshmi Maahi


The closing ceremony was marked by the distribution of prizes in the literary, cultural and sports categories. The hosting college, KMC, Manipal dominated the fest by winning the majority of the awards and also bagged the overall championship trophy for sports. They were also the overall champions in the literary and cultural events, but being the organisers, they had to give up the trophy to KMC, Mangalore. The third edition of the fest concluded with a promise for an even bigger and better Invictus ‘20. || Photograph Courtesy: Aayush Sinha


Feature Image Courtesy: Aayush Sinha

Edited by: Vaibhavi Vaman