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“Save the planet your ancestors destroyed”: Krupakar-Senani lead Wildlife Journalism seminar at MGM2 min read

August 31, 2019 2 min read


“Save the planet your ancestors destroyed”: Krupakar-Senani lead Wildlife Journalism seminar at MGM2 min read

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UDUPI:  A one-day seminar on wildlife journalism and forest conservation was conducted at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College (MGM), in partnership with Karnataka Forest Department and Udupi Nirmithi Kendra, featuring internationally acclaimed wildlife photographers Krupakar BS and Senani Hegde, on August 30.

The event focused on various aspects of wildlife journalism and its diverse branches, along with an analysis of how forests in Karnataka could be saved. It was split into four sessions, with about 480 people attending the morning session.

The event was inaugurated by G Jagadeesh, Deputy Commissioner, Udupi District. In his inaugural address, he stressed upon the need of sensitising students and the general public towards the cause of forest and wildlife conservation. He elucidated on ethics in journalism with reference to wildlife.

“We, in Udupi, have seen extreme weather in the past two months. So we feel that it is absolutely necessary for us to expose our students, who are the future, to different methods of sustainable conservation to protect ourselves,” said Shreyas Kotia, part of the organising committee.

Keynote addresses were delivered by resource persons Krupakar and Senani. The award-winning duo addressed the crowd on the scope and extent of wildlife journalism. A special screening of their Green Oscar-winning documentary ‘The Pack’ took place.

Speaking to The Manipal Journal about the effects of deforestation locally, Senani said, “The frequency of rainfall has been changing slowly for the past 50 years due to geographical reasons. But due to constant puncturing of the Western Ghats by humans, this pace has increased dramatically. You have to be responsible citizens and look within yourself in order to save the planet your ancestors destroyed.”

The post noon session, titled Vignyana Peetha, was an interactive session that focused on the life and achievements of Krupakar and Senani.

The evening session, Hasiru Samvedana focused on environmental issues in the coasts of Karnataka and featured a panel of dignitaries from various environmental fields. The guest panel consisted of A A Gopal, Range Forest Officer (RFO) and Arun Kumar, Project Director, Udupi Nirmithi Kendra, along with birdwatcher Shivashankar Manjunath, environmentalist Purushotham Adve and environment conservationist Dinesh Holla.

The event concluded with a play titled Panchavati, enacted by the students of MGM, which highlighted the story of Rama and his stay in the forests, reflecting on the importance of forest conservation.


Featured Image Courtesy: Diya Nayak

Edited by: Vaibhavi Vaman