Three days of debate commence at Pro.Verb2 min read

September 27, 2019 2 min read

Three days of debate commence at Pro.Verb2 min read

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MANIPAL: Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) inaugurated the fifth edition of Project Verbal (Pro.Verb), a national-level debating tournament, in the MIC auditorium on September 27.

The ceremony started by co-conveners, Tanya Sahay and Dvija Sree Mandava addressing the gathering by introducing Pro.Verb. Professor Varadesh Hiragange, Director of the Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences as well former director of MIC, was invited as the chief guest and was accompanied on stage by Dr Padma Rani, Director of MIC.

The ceremony held the lighting of the lamp, after which Professor Hiragange addressed the gathering with a speech. He enlightened the audience about the art of argumentation and debate as well as dynamism that lies within “truth”. Both Dr Padma Rani and Professor Hiragange informed the audience that Pro.Verb was an event held in honour of former director of MIC, M. V. Kamath. In telling the audience of his ways, Dr Padma Rani stated how he was not only a hardworking and active person but also extremely diligent, being so till his last day. She also expressed that it was an honour to be sharing the stage with Professor Hiragange again as she has done several times before.

Following this, the three co-adjudicators were honoured with Pro.Verb themed t-shirts by Dr Padma Rani, marking the official end of the inauguration ceremony.

After this, the tournament conveners called upon volunteers for Round 0 of Pro.Verb, a round of mock debating, to mark the official beginning of the tournament.

“We have had around 10 departments working continuously throughout six months,” explained Tanya Sahay, convener, when asked about the process of planning the inauguration as well as the rest of the event. Including the anticipation of last-minute issues, the team has been working diligently in anticipation of the tournament. Culminating at the inaugural ceremony, the past months of the Pro.Verb team’s work came to fruition.

This year, Pro.Verb is hosting 35 college teams and 16 adjudicators from around the country for over a span of three days. “Last year we had around 26-27 teams but this year, we’ve crossed them,” exclaimed Samiksha Shetty, head of sponsorship, Pro.Verb.

The teams are not limited to colleges in and around Manipal; the tournament consists of delegates from universities such as National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, Loyola College, Chennai and Christ University, Bangalore, as well.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ramitha Koira Ramesh

Edited by: Disha Acharya