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A tiny step towards a better tomorrow – Students talk about climate change2 min read

September 28, 2019 2 min read


A tiny step towards a better tomorrow – Students talk about climate change2 min read

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MANIPAL: Students gathered around with signboards and slogans at the Student Plaza on September 27, engaging in conversation about climate change and spreading awareness about the issue.

“When I looked around Manipal, I realised that there was not much happening in terms of climate control and efforts being made to progressively save the planet, apart from drives around Manipal and certain small initiatives. There are not any major clubs that work aggressively towards saving the planet. We just had this in our heads for a long time but we decided to take action two days ago. We did not anticipate the number of people who would come forward and join us but we still went forth with it,” said Amrita Mohan, a second-year student at Manipal Centre of Humanities (MCH), when asked about how she formed the idea.

The turnout of the event was moderate, as expected by the organisers. “I did not expect many people to be here as it so happens that not many people tend to care about the climate; they do not see the particular urgency regarding the situation,” said Nidhi Panicker, a third-year student from MCH. She continued by talking about how vastly the awareness of climate change should be widespread, saying that people these days do not realise the importance of saving the planet until it’s too late.

The crowd held placards and involved themselves in the conversation, discussing what could be done in the spectrum of everyday life to take small steps to save the planet. People discussed many important techniques to implement sustainable living into their lives. 

“It is not only about awareness; a lot of people do not know where to start. They do not know what they should do exactly to start in terms of how to make small changes in one’s life. Through this movement I want people to get a guiding light, as to go forward and find ways to live without harming the planet,” said Amrita while she talked about what the main issue to tackle here was.

Elaborating on their future plans for the movement, Nidhi commented, “What we hope happens ahead is that this movement is taken forward and people take it into account. Right now we just want to have a place where we can have these events happen and we can all sit around and have dialogue.”

“I heard about this because my friends knew the people who started this, and to be honest I was not very involved in the whole idea of climate change but now I am a lot more aware,” said Krutika Patel, a student pursuing Humanities. “This is very important; the sooner we realise it, the better,” she added.


Featured Image Courtesy: Baisil Kunjumon

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal