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Fifth edition of Pro.Verb concludes on Sunday, participants talk about their experiences2 min read

October 1, 2019 2 min read

Fifth edition of Pro.Verb concludes on Sunday, participants talk about their experiences2 min read

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MANIPAL: The fifth edition of Project Verbal (Pro.Verb), a national-level debating tournament hosted by Yell Club of Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC), took place from September 27-29 at the MIC campus with 36 teams from around 18 colleges, the biggest participation so far.

The tournament comprised of nine rounds of debates, including the mock tutorial, instead of the earlier planned upon eight due to a technical glitch in marking. “This year Pro.Verb hosted a 36-team tournament which is the largest it has been. Due to the increase in the number of debaters, the quality of the debate has also increased tremendously every year. We had the best of the core adjudicators from the debating circuit guiding us,” said Tanya Sahay, co-convener of the tournament. The motions were all diverse in nature and earned praise from several participants. The themes varied from that of lateral entry in civil services to the eligibility of feminism with post-humanity, a concept where human beings could artificially engineer their bodies to alter their stats and become smarter and stronger.


Debaters and adjudicators mindfully listened to the points put forth by the Government and the Opposition. || Photograph Courtesy: Srishti K


However, the contingent from Christ University’s School of Law, who was one of the four finalists, did admit that they felt like a lot of the arguments in the final debate were inherently misogynistic and that the teams failed to capitalise on the potential of the motions. 

The hospitality team was also heavily praised by a lot of participants and adjudicators including Sameeksha Rao, core adjudicator, who called the team’s hospitality towards her and the other participants, the most distinguishable factor of the tournament. Dvija Sree Mandava, co-convener of Pro.Verb, said that Pro.Verb deserves all the praises it got because of all the hard work the volunteers and the rest of the organising committee put in over a period of nine months.

Some participants were debating for the first time and most of them agreed that Pro.Verb provided them with a comfortable platform to dip their feet into debating for the first time as it was not as intimidating as other competitions. Varun Vyas, an adjudicator from MIC, and yet another experienced debater said that the reason Pro.Verb was not as intimidating as other competitions were because it was a relatively small tournament compared to some of the other tournaments that have around 120 teams. 


The winning team from ILS Law College was handed the trophy by Dr Geetha Maiya, Director of Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. || Photograph Courtesy: Srishti K


Despite having to make sudden last-minute changes to the schedule due to some technical errors, the tournament managed to wrap everything up in time.


Featured Image Courtesy: Srishti K

Edited by: Disha Acharya