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Inter MAHE Basketball: MIT-A, KMC Mangalore complete nonchalant title defence3 min read

October 26, 2019 2 min read

Inter MAHE Basketball: MIT-A, KMC Mangalore complete nonchalant title defence3 min read

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MANIPAL: Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT)- A defended their title in the men’s category, while Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore defended theirs in the women’s category of the basketball tournament held for institutions under Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), held on October 22-24 at the Marena Sports Complex, Manipal. 

After breezing through the initial rounds of the men’s tournament, both MIT-A and KMC, Manipal, which looked like the strongest teams throughout, played each other in the finals. MIT-A started off the match on a high note, getting the tap in the jump ball. The opening points of the game were scored by Sri from KMC, Manipal, who was fouled and converted his free throw. 

MIT-A opened their account with a free throw converted by Nipun. KMC, Manipal, were playing a tough defensive game, but were however committing many fouls, in most of which the free throws were converted. Despite their defensive plays failing them – KMC, Manipal managed to lead at the end of the first quarter, 10-7. 

The pace of the match changed during the second quarter, with MIT -A scoring 12 points. KMC tried to keep up, scoring eight points, ending the first half of the match with a nail biting score of 18-19, MIT leading by one point. 

The same form was carried into the third quarter, with both teams fighting for the win. KMC managed to keep up their fast paced game, but MIT’s defence proved to be too strong, as they stole the ball and blocked many shots in the quarter. KMC’s defensive nightmares continued as they fouled many times, giving MIT-A the opportunity to pick up their score through free throws, helping them increase their lead to five points, the score being 22-27.

In the last quarter of the match, MIT-A completely dominated the court, scoring nine points, while KMC tried fighting back, scoring seven points in the quarter, leaving MIT-A leading 27-36 at the end of the match. The highest scorer in the game was Sri from KMC, who scored a total of 17 points, including seven baskets and two free throws. The leading scorer from the MIT-A team was Rohan, with a total of 11 points. 

In the women’s category, KMC, Manipal took on KMC, Mangalore. Both teams had played equally well in the initial rounds of the tournament, however, the team from Mangalore posed a challenge to their Manipal counterparts, coming on strong from the very start of the match. 

The first basket converted for KMC, Manipal, was by Manasa, while Aishwarya converted the first for KMC, Mangalore. Playing a fast paced game and defending well – KMC, Mangalore reigned from the first quarter on, preventing the other team from converting even one basket, scoring ten points themselves. 

Trying to make a comeback in the second quarter, KMC, Manipal, managed to defend better, scoring eight points, while KMC, Mangalore, kept at a steady pace, scoring five, leading 8-15 at half time. 

Continuing to put pressure on KMC, Manipal, the team from Mangalore scored another five points in the quarter. KMC, Mangalore continued to dominate in the last quarter, scoring twice as much as KMC, Manipal, leaving the final score at 18-28.

The leading scorer for the game was Aishwarya from KMC Mangalore, who scored 15 points, including six baskets and three free throws. 

The tournament concluded with the presentation of winner medals and certificates. The three day tournament saw participation from various institutions across MAHE, and also acted as a platform for individuals to showcase their skill in the sport. 

Featured Image Courtesy- Yeshaswini Srihari

Edited by- Tarush Dhume