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An evening of art and performance—Mehfil 20192 min read

November 3, 2019 2 min read

An evening of art and performance—Mehfil 20192 min read

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MANIPAL: Mehfil, ‘an evening of sumptuous poetry, crisp dialogue and positive vibes’ and the first of its editions was a pre-event organised by Article-19, Manipal Institute of Communication’s (MIC) media fest, at its auditorium on November 1. 

A unique celebration of the arts of poetry, music, and storytelling, Mehfil brought together an array of talented performers who weaved their magic through the tools of words and tunes, managing to keep the audience engaged throughout. 

Hailing from Bengaluru, Bharath Divakar—a spoken word poet, performance artist and storyteller, captured the audience with his mix of poems that left many tearful and building up to thunderous applause. Bharath spoke of his experiences as a confused 18-year-old who grew to learn the intricacies of gender through the binary—zero and one. 

“Things born out of pain can be beautiful, but tragically beautiful should always remain an oxymoron and nothing more,” said Aminah Neemah as she paid homage to all her favourite artists who felt they were failures but had their art glorified posthumously. Through her poem, she expressed how things would have been different if they had known better and how they could have created better art if only they were happier.

Paving through topics such as homosexuality, gender, depression and unrequited love amongst others, the poets, shayars, and orators showcased their takes on issues they faced in their lives with an artistic viewpoint. 

“Especially if you are a gay kid and a little flamboyant, people just start looking at you like they look at the untimely rains in Manipal,” quoted another engaging performer, Anong Pavan. He spoke of how after a point, things get saturated. Distractions that once worked, things that once made you feel better, do not feel the same anymore. He sais, “The transcendence is over, your aestheticism has a crack.”

“The vibe, set-up, line-up, and the crowd; the event all-in-all was beautiful,” said a first-time performer, Arvind Shenoy, who is also an experienced event manager.

Leaving the audience in high spirits with the tasteful portrayal of art and storytelling, the team of Article-19 looks forward to carrying on future editions of Mehfil. “Mehfil was a huge success for us and we loved the enthusiasm of people. When it comes to the future editions of Mehfil, we would really like the next team to take it further on to a bigger and better stage, but we also want them to be completely free of any boundaries and create a completely new event for storytellers to express their thoughts,” said Aayush Sinha and Samiksha Shetty, the Program Planners of Article-19.


Featured Image Courtesy: Yeshaswini Srihari

Edited by: Karthika Venugopal