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Pup Café: Manipal gets its first animal café2 min read

November 11, 2019 2 min read

Pup Café: Manipal gets its first animal café2 min read

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MANIPAL: On November 10, the town saw the opening of its very first dog café, The Pup Café, much to the excitement of the local populace, at its own establishment on End Point Road.

The Pup Café grabs one’s attention by letting them have a day full of interacting with dogs of various breeds while having a meal. Some of the breeds that can be found at the café include a Shih Tzu, Labrador, a Siberian husky and a young, palm-sized Beagle. The dogs appeared happy to receive belly rubs and cuddles from visiting customers. “You see puppies and you smile. You see food and you smile. Together, they’re just the best thing someone can ask for!” said Rithika, a fourth-year student from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).

“I got the idea from a similar cafe in Bangalore and thought that it would be a nice idea to open something like that in Manipal,” said Sujith Shetty, owner of the enterprise. “Most of the students study hard and are very stressed. This cafe will hopefully be a place for them to relax and get away from all the stress.”

Though the café was well received and people enjoyed playing with the dogs, some visitors showed concern over the care and maintenance of particular dogs, specifically, the Husky. Huskies are a breed of dog which is indigenous to cold regions and though it is known to adapt to different situations, it is generally known that the breed doesn’t do well in warmer climates such as that of Manipal. “I think they should not have Huskies here in this weather,” Rithika commented on the matter.

However, Sujith was confident and sure that they could maintain the husky. “I am planning to add a room with proper air conditioning for the dogs so that they do not feel the heat and during the peak summer seasons, the husky and other weather-sensitive dogs will not leave that room until it is evening and cooler outside,” he said. Third-year MIT student, Yagya agreed with the owner and said, “They are really, really cute and I know that this might not be the best weather for them, but I have personally seen Huskies living in warm areas and I think they’ll be fine.” 

Visitors were also allowed to bring their own dogs to interact with the people and other dogs, with customers hoping to see more pups in the cafe and watch them grow together. “The place was all over Instagram and I just had to come! Since there are a lot of people and fewer dogs, not everyone gets to interact with the dogs. I will be coming more regularly to play with the dogs!” said Yagya.

Featured Image Courtesy: Harsha Mazumdar

Edited by: Nayanatara Jacob