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Sorrows of separation: Naya Theatre performs ‘Jin Lahore Nahin Vekhya, Voh Janmya hi Nahi’ in Manipal2 min read

November 12, 2019 2 min read

Sorrows of separation: Naya Theatre performs ‘Jin Lahore Nahin Vekhya, Voh Janmya hi Nahi’ in Manipal2 min read

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MANIPAL: The Cultural Coordination Committee of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in association with SPIC MACAY presented the play ‘Jin Lahore Nahin Vekhya, Voh Janmya hi Nahi’, performed by Bhopal’s Naya Theatre, on November 11 at Fortune Valley View’s Chaitya Hall. 

The play is a heart touching story of post-partition India, where a Hindu woman stays back in Lahore, Pakistan, even after her home has been allocated to a Muslim family.

The performance starts with the Mirza family, coming to Lahore from India post the partition in 1947. While they check out the rooms of their new house, their daughter comes screaming and says that someone else is there too. To the family’s surprise, an old lady comes from the first floor of their bungalow. She happens to be a Hindu, who has been staying there for a long time; she says she will not leave until her son returns to get her. 

Initially, the family initially is wary of her presence and try their best to get rid of her. They contact a local goon who hates the presence of Hindus in Pakistan. At this point, other characters such as a shayar and the local maulvi are also introduced, who act as mediums of sending out strong messages of brotherhood and love. Later on, we see the family and everyone in the locality get very attached to the old lady. The show ends on a realistic note.

Throughout the play, ghazals and poems with strong meaning were narrated and light-hearted moments of laughter were brought up too. There was no monotonous setting throughout, keeping the audience wanting for more. 

Speaking of the audience reception in Manipal, one of the organisers said, “We are overwhelmed by the response we got from the audience, despite it being in chaste Urdu and Punjabi.” The play got an amazing response throughout its course and received a resounding standing ovation at the end.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ritwika Sarkar

Edited by: Vaibhavi Vaman