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Goonj celebrates Republic Day through poetry, art and dance2 min read

January 27, 2020 2 min read


Goonj celebrates Republic Day through poetry, art and dance2 min read

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MANIPAL: Goonj, the Hindi literature club of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) organised their annual Republic Day celebration at the Student Plaza, within the campus of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) on January 26.  Goonj encourages students to express their thoughts and write in Hindi and offers them a platform to showcase their work. 

The evening was a culmination of music, poetry and dance and involved various clubs from MIT. Students hailing from the colleges under MAHE, across Manipal, participated in the event. 

The evening began with the introduction of all the guests of honour of the evening. For this year’s celebration, the guests of honour included war veterans Subedar Robert Disa, Subedar S K Malya, Hawaldar Mohan Kumar, Junior Warrant Officer Nagesh Wagle, and Corporal H Narayan Kamath along with Srinivasan, the faculty advisor of Showstoppers, one of the many dance clubs of MIT. The dignitaries were then invited to light to the lamp, marking the commencement of the ceremony. 

The evening witnessed powerful poetry along with soulful patriotic songs performed by students from all across Manipal. The evening started off with a rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ performed by Chords & Co., a music club from MIT. The first poet to perform was Harsh Mahalka, whose poetry elicited loud applause from the audience. Bharathi Jha, a first-year student at Manipal College of Dental Sciences who recited a moving piece said, “It felt good to hear so many people express themselves in Hindi, I felt connected with everyone who performed.” 

The celebration included a musical performance by Chords and Co. which included the famous song ‘Roobaroo’ which lightened the mood. Showstoppers put up a great show with an energetic dance performance on the song ‘Des Rangila’ highlighting the diversity of India. Solo performers also took to the stage with acoustic renditions of popular patriotic songs from Bollywood movies. Sowmya Bahuguna, first-year, civil engineering, MIT, performed a soothing medley of various Bollywood songs which portrayed the love for one’s nation, one of which was ‘Ae Watan, meaning ‘O My Country’.

Goonj acts as an effective platform for students to showcase their talents in the sphere of poetry and art in Hindi. When asked about his experience at the event, Kartikeya Chaurasia, the Vice President of Goonj said, “We try to highlight important issues in society through poetry and speeches and try to bring such issues to light.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Suditi Jha

Edited by: Nayanatara Jacob