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Swim, cycle, sprint: Participants give their all at RedX’s Triathlon2 min read

February 3, 2020 2 min read

Swim, cycle, sprint: Participants give their all at RedX’s Triathlon2 min read

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MANIPAL: The second edition of RedX Manipal’s Triathlon was held at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) campus on Sunday, February 2. The Triathlon course covered the length and breadth of the campus and was blessed with near-perfect weather conditions.

The event observed decent attendance as the number of participants exceeded the initial expectations held by the organising committee. Out of necessity, the organising committee gladly added an additional slot to the number of slots they had initially decided upon, with each spot consisting of six participants.


Participants were allowed to bring along their own bicycles. The organisers also provided bicycles to the ones who did not have their own bicycles. || Photograph Courtesy: Ritwika Sarkar


The triathlon followed the traditional circuit model of swimming, cycling and a foot race. The contestants had to complete three laps of swimming at the MIT swimming pool followed by a round of cycling around the MIT campus and finally, a 400m sprint. This annual edition modified upon the previous edition, which had swimming at the very end of the circuit.

Prathamesh, second-year, MIT, when asked about this year’s circuit in contrast to the previous year’s plan, said, “The order was different and swimming was last in the previous edition, which was a problem because you tend to get tired after all the running and cycling and then swimming gets to be a bit of a pain.” The participant was quite satisfied with the current model and expressed excitement in the face of the oncoming circuit.


In the last leg of the triathlon, the participants were expected to cover a distance of 400 metres. || Photograph Courtesy: Ritwika Sarkar


Arjun Chauhan, fourth-year, MIT said, “The event was rather fun because they usually do not give enough importance to swimming, it is just two laps because most people who participate don’t swim. Even though it’s a shorter event altogether this year, the proportion of swimming, running and cycling is appropriate so that’s why it was more intense.”

During the course of the triathlon, there were a few minor issues faced by the organisers in the form of daily traffic, as well as some other directional issues, that caused minor confusion among the participants. These were, however, tactfully tackled with the help of campus patrol and by placing a few volunteers near key turning points. The event mostly went off without a hitch and the organisers at RedX were pleasantly satisfied with the second edition of their annual triathlon.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ritwika Sarkar

Edited by: Tarush Dhume