Namma Angadi holds pottery workshop to gear up for its 17th edition2 min read

March 1, 2020 2 min read

Namma Angadi holds pottery workshop to gear up for its 17th edition2 min read

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MANIPAL: Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) organised a pottery workshop on February 29, as one of the pre-event programmes for Namma Angadi, that takes place in the campus premises every year.

According to the organisers of Namma Angadi, the pottery-making workshop was arranged to give a platform for interested local talents and to attract potential visitors for the forthcoming exhibition. The workshop had participation from more than 30 people, who belonged to various age groups. The proceeds collected through the workshops are used as funding for the main exhibition.

On being asked about his experience with the art of pottery, the instructor of the workshop, Raghuram K, said, “There were around 21 people with me when I began this. But after 17 years, I am the only one still working as a pottery maker.” He went on to say that only six families in his village were skilled in this art, with the next generation refusing to take it forward. “If people are willing to learn this, I will be there to teach them. The younger generation can learn this art and earn their bread.”

A young participant shapes his pot while the instructor guides him. || Photograph courtesy – Ishika Somani

Namma Angadi is a sales exhibition that is held by MIC, in collaboration with Namma Bhoomi of Kundapura. The event is a part of understanding corporate social responsibility under the corporate communication curriculum, for the final year Master’s degree students. Namma Bhoomi, translating to ‘Our Earth’, is a resource centre and houses Namma Nalanda Vidyapeeta, a school for the children of local and indigenous artisans.

“I am a teacher. After my school days, this is my first time making a pot. It was a nostalgic experience. I am glad that I learned some new skills today,” said Kiran Joseph, faculty at Manipal School of Architecture and Planning (MSAP), when asked about her experience at the workshop.

The 17th edition of Namma Angadi will take place from March 6-8.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ishika Somani

Edited by: Rayna Lele & Vaibhavi Vaman